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Here is a summary of the scripts published so far:

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 ME&MP "Take Off" MediaEconomics & MediaPolitics Unit1

 MediaEconomics & MediaPolitics Unit2

 MediaEconomics & MediaPolitics Unit3

 MediaEconomics & MediaPolitics Unit4

In this course # 5, we will present, discuss and illustrate the first drafts and titles of presentations planned - and develop a grid for their design. Relating to these topics, we will start another ’deep dive’ into related subjects. Including the documents and references assembled in the mm-course-room.

Here are some guidelines for the decision-making process:
> Your personal interest in this topic
> The sources you have available to tackle the subject
> The background of your country of origin: Chile, India, Italy, Mauritius, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, ...
> If this subject might be a first trigger for your bachelors’ thesis

Enclosed the first topics mentioned so far:


How the mass media violates consumers’ privacy rights

Looking for literature and ’material’, including the personal experience.

Social networking sites (SNSs) continue to grow in popularity. In 2015, the Pew Research Center reported that 90% of young American adults aged 18–29 use social media, compared to 12% in 2005, an increase of 750% (Perrin, 2015). Likewise, in 2013, 89% of Europeans aged 16–24 years were found to participate in social networks (Seybert & Reinecke, 2013). In 2012, the European Commission called for a reform of European Union (EU) data protection rules through which citizens should regain control over their personal data (European Commission, 2015).


Chile: a critical review of recent historic political media
The expose aims to shine a light on recent chilean history since the second half of the XXth century. Through analyzing key pieces of media such as TV broadcasts, newspaper headlines and others, we aim to better understand the influence and relevancy that this content has regarding the history of the country, from the years before the start of the dictatorship to modern chilean society 30 years after the end of it, including the recent 2019 social uprising.

Beatrice & Johanna

We were thinking about presenting the magazine "Vogue" for our final project, since this is one of the media subjects we are the most interested about.

Vogue magazine – History and evolution. We ́ve decided to present this magazine since our interest is to know how this type of media, that focuses on fashion has grown over the years of its existence. The interest in this project comes from the fact that Beatrice is a huge fan of the magazine, and she has a membership for it. So we could examine the magazines she already has and also do some research on the internet.

Establishing contacts with MVFP and FIPP
Contacts with the VOGUE editorial staff as a reader, as a fan, as a student, as a researcher, as an editor in spe.


Is there a « Disney Culture » ?
Or how Disney is manipulating the public opinion ?

"Why do I like Disney?" Music-Management related topic. Own label? Classical Music Producers?
Research... Interviews... CURIOSITY!!! Disney France? Personal Experience. Why France? People of Origin? Intercultural Media?


Efforts for a free Turkish media and to tackle political oppression in Turkey
In my presentation, I will analyse the Turkish media under Erdogan’s rule and I will analyze the ways Turkish journalists tackle the authoritarianism with the help of digital media

Analysing the financial resources by interviews. looking at conferences, Online (’social’) Media, the ’old world’ of newspapers and TV-Channels, rules and regulations, -> media politics vague or precise? Self-censorship!!! Turkey >-< DDR


Influence of digitalization on traditional media.

Definition. About print. data. costs and reasons of decline. Transfer to Online.
Different developments in different regions. Interviews with friends and family. Evaluation of new potentials. My own standpoint. What about Poland? Compare US and Europe.

Digital Resident résumé.


analysis of the telegram social network as a mass media and communication

How to talk about all this turmoil
Uncertainty as a starting point.
Communication in media without telegram?
Internal ’conflicts’ in the family... TV versus telegram.


The conflict of multiculturalism in new media
Looks to tackle cultural appropriation/forms of racism & and cultural globalization
(Coming from Mauritius, which is a multicultural and multi-ethnic society, this very topic when adapted to a more global scale, seems quite appealing to me)

Navigating one’s way through the world of multimedia; A personal perspective
This topic would explore my various ventures in the fields of media and communication, as we discussed in our last online class. I would also refer to the difficulties of finding one’s place in the online community and the struggles I have faced when trying to make it big in this media career as a young woman.
(There would be a lot to cover and this title might seem quite vast right now. I would naturally need time to organize this idea a bit better)

The faces of feminism in new media
Feminism has always been a topic I’ve held close to my heart. However, what interest me the most is how the very word ’feminism’ increasingly attracts negative connotations in current media. Therefore, I’d like to explore this phenomenon in the form of a brief, hopefully objective study.


Violence and media
Man has always been violent, in the Roman empire for example people used togo to the Coliseum to watch people fight themselves to die or during the Crusades in the name of god cultures went to war with no mercy. Novo days the society is still very violent, but its perception has really changed.
First through different cultures reactions wouldn’t be the same against a video of two men fighting for example, or in a different environment the dispute wouldn’t be the same in the street or at the parliament. All forms of media include violence either TV, music, films, books, newspapers, séries and more. Violence is very accessible in our society, either on the internet or down the street. But why are we pushing forward violence? To warn the people, avoid those comportment, because it makes money?
. violence is a form of business (video games, films, music, clothes).
. maybe the media makes people violent because of the visibility of their acts (War in Ukraine and Putin)
. what is the limit with violence accessible in our media
. media such as tv news, internet news makes money with choc content because people want to see it, so are they playing with the curiosity of the human being or just responding to their informative role?

Where is the proof of the pudding?
Special access to the people of the GAME association.
Finding a guideline to make a precise approach.


Newspaper Magazine Future and past


Language policy in Ukrainian mass media 2012-2022.

Sources? Laws? Topics? Political Influences? Language policies. Drastic changes.
Presentation to other students in the school.


Dear All!
Thank you for participating and your contributions during the unit 4 - session.
As agreed, your presentations and papers will be your assents for the exams.
All further details have been resumed and recorded at the end of this session.
The sound-file of the recording is available in this course-room as well as in my script on
The script for unit 5 will be presented here:
Your intention to be in Berlin in June will allow us to start the examination-session as early as June 13th on-site.
Do send a first draft of your working-title and abstract at the earliest!
This will enable me to redesign the content of the upcoming lectures and to adapt them to your topics of interest.

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