MediaEconomics & MediaPolitics Unit2

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This article is based on lecture # 2 about Media Economics & Media Politics, the first one online only, which may be affected by some technical as well as application problems

The first lecture, dated April 1st, was announced to all the students by mail as an on-site-course. As you can read on the document presenting this first lecture ME&MP "Take Off" MediaEconomics & MediaPolitics Unit1 there was an offer to those, who would have preferred to stay away, to join via an Audio-/Video-Stream via internet. No one responded. Therefore, it was concluded that from now on, all the upcoming courses will be either online (on Thursdays) or on site (on Mondays) only.

Starting today, there will be an "open screen sessions" from 10:30 to 11:00 hrs that will not be recorded. This time for an open mike could be used i.e. to re-present wrap-ups/summaries to those students, who’ve missed the last lecture(s). [1]

It was proposed and agreed, that during this course, all kind of media could be the source for proof: a written paper as well as a PowerPoint with comments, a thoroughly documented presentation as well as a video or a game-design.

To be prepared for this second unit, this principle shall be put into place in a trial session by presenting in a nutmeg those elements in the media history, which impressed the most.

Further "To Do" have been marked in red in the April 1st. note.
Including the reading list. And do not forget your inscription into the MM-Library-Tool.

The overall ideas of this course are to start with a personal impact on this matter, even including a look at the own favourite media gadgets and content in use / consumed today. In level two, we will tackle the jobs and profiles of those, who make media. On the third level, consumption as well as the production will be explained and discussed with their economic context and interdependencies. This will lead us to the most challenging part, the institutional and to the political structures, impacts, and learnings.


After a whole series of technical challenges we finally managed to present the first results of students contributions as well as a first summary of the importance and meaning of the topic by the lecturer. The results of the students contributions will be implemented in their course room, as well as the summary of the lecturers’ presentation, including two recordings and one slide:

And here again this BBC-Production about the fear of an upcoming new media(device):


[1If there is one person, or two, who continuously fulfil this task, this might be considered as a "prüfungsrelevante Leistung" and good for credits. But it is still open, if contributions made during this course can be validated as part of the final credit results or not.

All the students present at Unit 1 made clear that they would prefer some other kind of tests than a written multiple choice exam.

"Last semester I’ve learned by heart what I had to learn to pass the exams, what I did, but everything I’ve learned was forgotten only weeks later..."

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