Onboarding ME&MP MediaEconomics & MediaPolitics

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Tomorrow we will start with a whole series of lectures about

These notes show some documents consulted in this short preparation time after having read and signed the contract on March 29th 2022.

The ambition is to be as transparent as possible, building trust and bring the dialog with the students alive.

And to learn about the doe’s and don’t’s of the onboarding process - as documented by Personio an:

Onboarding: The Four Most Important Phases (and Checklist)

Personio about "Onboarding"

This process will start on site on Friday, April 1st.

But it has already started by phone and screen at the start of this week. Up to the moment of the first authorization to use the online-interface via a simplified single-sign-in-login procedure. This interface is no longer Moodle nor Teams, but Blackboard Learn.

And here is the second document to be prepared on the job:

Blackboard Terms of Use (D/E)

The third document is providing a first insight into to field of topics that have to be tackled:

syllabus: mediaeconomics_and_mediapolitics