Mobile World Live is ’broadcasting’ MWC Barcelona 2024

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Gerade noch war immer wieder in Berlin zu hören, dass ein ’content’ wie dieser auf die grosse Leinwand gehöre und wenige Stunden später trifft sich eine Riesen-Publikum in Barcelona um sich mit den Segnungen der drahtlosen Inhalteübermittlung auf sogenannte mobile devices zu befassen.

Unfassbar, aber wahrhaftig: hier wird ab heute ein Mobile World Live -’broadcasting’ von der MWC Barcelona 2024 mit diesen Events versprochen:

09:15 CET - Keynote 1: Open Gateway – The Art of What’s Possible

Our expert panel deliver their insight and reflections on Keynote 1: Open Gateway - The Art of What’s Possible. With special guests: Huntley Bakich - Partner, Digital Transformation, KPMG Radhika Gupta - Head of Data Acquisition, GSMA Intelligence

11:15 CET - Keynote 2: The Digital Vision for Telcos

Our expert panel deliver their insight and reflections on Keynote 2: The Digital Vision for Telcos With special guests: Jon Penrose - Industry Principal - Telecommunications, Snowflake Andrew Collinson - Managing Director, Connective Insight

15:15 CET - Keynote 3: Our AI Future

The father of AI is here. In a rare public appearance, the CEO and co-founder of Google DeepMind, Demis Hassabis will appear on our keynote mainstage to discuss the technology shift of AI and its profound impact on accelerating human progress and scientific discovery. Best-known for developing AlphaGo, the first program to beat a world champion at the complex game of Go, DeepMind has published over 1000 research papers - including more than a dozen in Nature and Science - and achieved breakthrough results in many challenging AI domains from StarCraft II to protein folding. Today, we discuss the state of industry for AI, responsible deployment and the introduction of Gemini, Google DeepMind’s largest and most capable AI model to date. 15:15-15:45 A New Era of Intelligence Demis Hassabis, Co-Founder and CEO of Google DeepMind sits down with Steven Levy, author of eight books chronicling the titans of the tech industry, to discuss how Artificial Intelligence can change the world, from tackling major scientific problems like energy, climate change and drug discovery, to transforming the way people create, communicate, and do business.

16:30 CET - Keynote 4: Europe’s New Horizons

In a powerful and rare showing, the CEOs of Europe’s largest mobile operators will come together to discuss the state of the industry, what the future of connectivity in Europe will look like, the need to mobilize the whole ecosystem to support the green transition and industry wide collaborations such as open gateway. By bringing these four leaders together, we are creating the world’s largest intelligent platform. And with universal frameworks being built on top, developers and cloud providers can bring significant social, economic and environment change. Join the discussion to discover our industry priorities for a digital Europe.

José María Álvarez-Pallete, Telefónica, Chairman & CEO

Margherita Della Valle, Vodafone Group, Group CEO

Christel Heydemann, Orange, CEO

Tim Höttges, Deutsche Telekom. CEO

17:15 CET - Keynote 5: New Strategies for a New Era

Over the past 40 years, there have not been two bigger tech giants than Dell Technologies and Microsoft. Together, they have shaped the industry that we are part of today; from manufacturing equipment, hardware and operating systems, to cloud services and todays’ range of Generative AI. The relentless pursuit of innovation positions these two pioneering companies as leaders our industry looks to as we build a digital future. With business’ embracing digital opportunities, the need for robust and scalable hardware and software infrastructure to manage data and software applications is on the rise. It’s time to explore how these two juggernauts are leading a new era of technological advancements.

17:35 - 17:55 The Emerging AI Ecosystem Brad Smith, Microsoft’s Vice Chair and President, offers the company’s perspective on the technology stack and business architecture that is creating a new AI ecosystem, and the opportunities and roles that partnerships will play in each segment.

17:55 - 18:15 The Digital Imperative Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies, shares Dell’s vision for the future of the telecommunications industry. Digital transformation is not just a technological evolution but a strategic necessity, poised to revolutionize connectivity, enhance operational efficiency and unlock unprecedented opportunities for innovation and growth. What’s next is now!

Michael Dell, Chairman & CEO, Dell Technologies

Brad Smith, Microsoft, Vice Chair & President

Anders, als in der Vorankündigung ausgewiesen, wurden die wirklich wichtigen Sessions und Panels dieses Tages nicht als Streaming-Angebot freigegeben. Also müssen wir uns mit der von Justin Springham präsentierten ’offiziellen’ Zusammenfassung des Veranstalters begnügen: