HM 035 Idea Development & "Dinking" (VI)

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Welcome to the sixth session.

Participating in this session is obligatory for all those who want to pass the examination [1].

We have decided to make this Friday the day of our exams instead of Saturday. The advantage is that we can invite other members and students from this school more easily. And that we can profit from the IT-support before we begin the presentations - and from the Cafeteria as well.

To make sure you can use all the infrastructure provided by bbw-Hochschule we we can not stay in Room 627, although this one was specially equipped for the design-thinking methods or work. [2].

This means, we have to change the room and move to room 334 in the third floor.

Some housekeeping-remarks:


 The paper relating to the topic of your presentation has to be finished and delivered in a delay of one week, July 12th. 2019. Only delivering the paper is not sufficient to pass the exam.

 For those students, who have not been (always) present at this class: Here is a summary the lectures that have taken place so far:
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And here is the all students’ "reward-page" for tomorrow:
 HM 035 Idea Development & "Dinking" (VII)

Today’s schedule [3]


Technical set-up and checks


Please do fill in the students-online-feed-back-questionnaire at this moment. This task has to be fulfilled by all of you before we start the presentations.


"realz" - tokenization of mobile game assets by Haleh [4]

This project is part of the examination of the course “Design Thinking” at the
BBW University of Applied Sciences in the study program “Management of Creative

Since I got the opportunity to realize a business idea within the gaming industry on condition that a pitch will be delivered in two weeks, this seemed to me an appropriate project to work on within the Design Thinking course.

So far I had no points of contact to this industry, therefore the big challenge will be to gain an overview of the entire industry, especially about mobile gaming and get a precise understanding of the business idea with my partner to be able to place the idea in the correct context in order to create a considering pitch in the end.

By taking the five core elements of „Dinking“ into account, it will create the fundamental framework to approach this project.

Shortage of Drinking Water in (Punjab) India [5] by Satnam Singh [6].

Punjab, an agricultural state of India moreover is also known as the land of five waters, is facing a severe water crisis due to lesser annual rainfall than normal (700 mm) since 1998. Further, Punjab is not getting adequate amount of river water due to political reasons like damming and diversion of river water, water other states and central government. However, the irrigation water demand (4.45 m ham) is significantly more than total irrigation water availability (3.04 m ham). Hence, in most parts of the Punjab state, groundwater is being overexploited for irrigational purpose. Apart from this water scarcity or depletion problem, water quality is also being deteriorated and not suitable for drinking purpose. Basic groundwater parameters such as salinity, electrical conductivity (EC), chloride, and nitrate have surpassed the maximum permissible limit in most of the parts of this state. Even toxic heavy metals [like selenium, uranium and lead] and pesticides have also been reported in groundwater samples of several regions of Punjab. Intake of this heavy metals and pesticides contaminated water is affecting the health of native people. The condition of groundwater depletion and quality deterioration is most severe in Malwa region of Punjab. The ground water table in the past twenty years recorded a dangerous decline from 15– 20 feet to 150–200 feet, in some parts of the state. [...]


How to Fight Pollution in India? by Pawandeep Kaur [7]

...the big problem in my country is pollution... there are four pollution in india... but traffic pollution is the most danger problem in india... mostly every person suffering from this problem... its is create dangerous effects on the environment and human resources. every day indian person used lots of auto and bikes... bikes and auto reduce the dangers oil in the air... its effect landlord and life style... mostly people suffering from asthma and cancer problem... and they have lost there life... so i feel i do some work to stop this problem in my country... i decide i develop in my community with friends and organic some seminars in indian schools and give some solutions to people... what why they stop this problem and save their lives in upcoming times...



"Creative Dreams studio"
A Graphics design company.
Dreams make anything possible in design.. [8]

by Sanjeet

[...] I want to be start a graphic design company with Name of "Creative Dreams studio" It’s a starting of my Dream. I know Starting a own business is so stressful, with so many things to be done, that it’s easy to convince yourself that doing the bare minimum for a business plan is enough.
I have a business model of my startup
"Creative dreams studio " Start with two office because I have not too much money.
One office run in Delhi (India) and 2nd office in Berlin (Germany)
Delhi office for creative staff that make logo and all types of design for company and Berlin office work to guide them and provide international
Work and make relationship between work, company, and staff and play a big roll.
After all, just need it to get funding and some good link with international companies.
And when it’s run well we will add some new things on our company work like clay animation and 2 d , 3d work also...
And make a one studio how done every creative work in good quality and low money cost than other company.


Illiteracy by Mangveer Kaur [9]

[...] I have selected a topic for final presentation it is illiteracy.which is also related to my previous topic. I have selected it because I have been searching about abroad study as well as I think that’s way. I can good work on my problem which I faced in India and really I want to do something for education system of India.



"Am I creative?" by Marius [10]

Firstly, it is important to know what "creativity" is in order to understand the field of research. According to scholar articles I found online this however, is not as easy as someone thinks. Creativity doesn’t have a straight forward definition and it important to understand that a appropriate definition has to be found to understand the essentials for my topic.
Furthermore, in order to figure out if I am a creative person, I have to find out what characteristics an "creative" person might have and contrast them with my own. Here, I found a very interesting and thorough book/research "Creativity: The work and lives of 91 eminent people" of Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi which I will use to discover those traits. He is drawing his results according to hundreds of interviews with exceptional people, from biologists and physicists to politicians and business leaders to poets and artists to explain the creative process.

14:45 / 15:30 / 16:15 / 17: 00 / 17:45

"Dinking"/ "FIDS"- Drinks


Here is the access to a news series of Design-Thinking-Toolkits, starting July 4th 2019, from Australia:

4 July - Part 1: Introduction + Summary
11 July - Part 2: Process
18 July - Part 3: Design Challenge
25 July - Part 4: Understanding
1 August - Part 5: Research
8 August - Part 6: Point of View
15 August - Part 7: Ideation
22 August - Part 8: Prototyping
29 August - Part 9: Testing & Iteration
5 September - Part 10: What’s next?

"Dinking" Toolkit (I)

Here is one of the fundamental statements from the founders of Design Thinking:

Plattner et.a.: Design Thinking


[1If there is any reason, you can’t make it, do let us know in writing a.s.a.p.

[2But, technically speaking, the IIYAMA-monitor in the room 627 is a 4-k-monitor. And it is not supporting any of our standard laptop graphic-cards and -software. On Friday, June 28, we tested 4 of them and none could deliver any good results.

[3What you see here are just first drafts and ideas and snippets of what is about to come. This is to encourage the others at least to do the first step a.s.a.p.

[4Presentation and research paper delivered So 14.07.2019 22:32


[6Paper delivered on Friday, July 12th 2019, 19:52.

[7Working paper submitted on Sa 13.07.2019 18:29

[8Delivery of the written part of the exam delayed up to Monday, July 15th. 2019. The presentation and the working paper were delivered on Mo 15.07.2019 19:46

[9Delivery deadline of the working paper up to the end of July 14th. extended. Paper received So 14.07.2019 10:34 am

[10Presentation and paper received So 14.07.2019 13:04

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