HM 035 Idea Development & "Dinking" (I)

BY Dr. Wolf SiegertDATE Friday Last update: 1 July 2019 at 14:31


Before the start:

Come And Join Our Design Thinking ["Dinking"] Adventure!

Dear All!

I’m happy to meet with - hopefully ALL of - you at our first encounter this Friday, June 14th, starting at 12:30 am in room R-227 (if I’m well-informed).

Hope to seeing you soon; you don’t have to be prepared. Just be there and open up your minds for this upcoming adventure.

Dr. phil. Wolf Siegert

The first encounter:

What a challenging day: only a very few students showed up. And therefore enjoyed the privilege of a quite personal encounter with this topic. No PowerPoints, no stickers, no post-its and only this one and only video - although quite short. And still: not so easy to understand, in spite of its presenters’ qualities:

We looked at it several times and started to decipher its context.

For those not present :

If you did not have the chance to join us today,
... you may have a look at this intro by:
 David Kelley, "I’m totally focused on classes", together with Tom Kelley. founder of the, speaking in July 2013 at MIT’s Media Lab about the start of Design Thinking Method at the Product Design Program at Stanford:

... you may have a look at this lecture by:
 Bill Burnett’s Presentation from the Stanford Center for Professional Development, April 13, 2016, on Design Thinking = Method, Not Magic. This talk is a reference.

If you want to join someone who would start like you, looking at YouTube and Wikipedia first, than you may join "Product designer and lead Design Sprint trainer Dee Scarano from AJ&Smart on "What is Design Thinking?"

If you’ve done both, here is the last, the shortest and most rewarding one of all these online tutorials so far: witty and still substantial in the same time: Enjoy "What Is Design Thinking?" by Sean VanGenderen:

As a supplement :


 here are some video-tutorials made to foster the dynamic development in one of the major US companies, IBM. They have managed a bis shift form a hardware supplier to a mainframe- and software-company:


 here are some videos specificallly referring to "Rise of Design Thinking in India"

And here is the indian-way to do: ""Dinking" called "FIDS" "Feel-Imagine-Do-Share":

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