The Design Thinking Media Collection

VON Dr. Wolf SiegertZUM Samstag Letzte Bearbeitung: 2. Januar 2019 um 11 Uhr 23 Minuten


Preparing the next round of Design-Thinking lectures, here are some examples of recordings which inspired the own working proposals:

The topics of this "lecture" are;
— human centric design
— prototyping
— learning by doing/playing

How someone who loves school suddenly stumbled about the Design Thinking methodology.

This is one of the typical examples, showing, how this methodology is implemented worldwide, i.e. in the Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer, West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin.

These "Rules" / guidelines / ideas are:
 Teach with the mindset of a rule breaker (like BANKSY )
"Make things more engaging, read the rule-book and break it up"
 Be curious about everything, never stop questioning (like DA VINCI)
 Strife for beauty and elegance (like CHANEL)
"What is the background music going on in your lives?"
 Teach beyond rules and learn from failures (like BRUNEL)
 Connect with: "Why we do what we do!" (like YOU)