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These notes present the author and editor in chief of this publication "DaybyDay ISSN 1869 2967" Dr. Wolf Siegert.

The Luang Prabang provincial government will organize a media-event this day and the author applies to be part of it.

These topics will make it easy to choose, among others, a Journalist from Europe to take part and to distribute the message, using his channels in TV, Radio and Newspaper in Germany (Burda), Great-Britain (BBC) and France (TV 5).

In the US he worked for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and for the Australian media entertainment company Reg Grundy.

Wolf has lived and worked in all these countries, he speaks German, English and French.

He started traveling to Asia since the late seventies and did extensive tours to China, India, Malaysia. Among other routes he did most of the Jangtsekiang and then the Trans-Siberian-Railway all the way back to Moskow and Berlin.

Later he worked in Taiwan as a visiting professor, at the University of Hong Kong, he worked in Indonesia for the European Union and in Japan for the German Goethe Institute.

Since 2004 all these and upcoming experiences like this event are/will be published more and more often with the use of new media outlets, like this one.

“DaybyDay” looks like a blog, but it is the first German online publication, accredited by the German National Library with an ISSN reference number.

“DaybyDay” publishes one article per day. And the all these publications are now archived as a digital part of the national online publication heritage.

The first encounter with Laos and the Luang Prabang Region was at the world largest Tourism-Show in Berlin, at a media event organized by the Mekong Tourism Forum. At this occasion, an interview with the Executive Director, Jens Thraenhart, was published on March, 9th. 2017: "ITB: Die Welt am Mekong be-suchen".

The response was so positive, that it was decided to prepare a first trip to this region in November this year. All these days are or will be covered and published in “DaybyDay” as well [1].

If possible, it would be of interest to join the LP-Filmfest as well, because Dr. Siegert is not only member of the board of the German Journalist Association in Berlin, DJV-Berlin and the International Federation of Journalists, IFJ, but as well President of the German Chapter of the Digital Cinema Society, DCS, and one of the cofounders of the Virtual Reality Association Berlin-Brandenburg, VRBB including the UFA-Film-Studios.

This would allow the reporting from two events in this region: the media event and the film-festival.

"What a great occasion to come back to this beloved place".

[sign.] Wolf Siegert


[1...and even this draft of an application will be published during this trip – and completed in Germany after flying back on November 23rd.

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