CES 2017: What caught my mind...

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Dear friends,

Usually what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, except when you’re there to get your Consumer Electronic Show (CES) nerd on. Over 4 massive days, our team has been soaking up new innovations released by the world’s biggest brands and promising startups, and they want to share all the exciting (and scary) details. Get a glimpse into our tech future at our Pre-Work Talk on Tuesday, January 10!

Our Founder Reto Wettach and Seamless Mobility Director Ingo Kucz will be fresh off the plane and, despite a bit of jetlag, will be ready to candidly discuss what they took away from this year’s event.

Last year was an eye opener into just how far we needed to come to create relevant products – rather than simply showing off what’s possible. But the stakes were somewhat higher this time around, after a year that saw voice-first interface (à la Amazon Echo) go mainstream, VR became more accessible, and autonomous vehicle visions start turning into reality.

So who upped their game, what’s still not quite there, and what blew us out of the water? Come and find out and share your thoughts at our Berlin studio next week. Doors open 8:30am, and talks take place from 9 – 10am.

Let’s kick off the new year with some new insights and opinions into what 2017 has in store – we won’t be holding back.

Reto, Ingo, Verena and your IXDS Team

Wie hätte man dieser Einladung fern bleiben können?! So dachten offensichtlich viele. Schon in aller Frühe war der grosse Innenraum des grossen Büros rappelvoll. Kein Zeichen von Müdigkeit, sondern ansteckende Frische, viel Lachen und Schmunzeln während der Präsentation - und viele Fragen am Schluss.

Anstatt den Verlauf der gesamten Veranstaltung hier nochmals herunterzuspulen, gab es die Change, sowohl mit Ingo als auch mit Reto nochmals zu sprechen. Auszüge aus diesen Interviews werden an dieser Stelle veröffentlicht.

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