No Show: SMPTE Forum Berlin (I)

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Hier ein Mitschnitt von der Ankündigung dieser Veranstaltung durch Patrick D. Griffis im Rahmen der NAB-Show 2014 in Las Vegas:

Es gelten die Regeln des Urheberrechts all rights reserved

Und das selbe noch einmal ...

Als MP4: SMPTE-Forum-Series-Announcement

... und ein MP4 als FLV

MP4 als FLV verkleidet: SMPTE-Forum-Series-Announcement (es wird kein Ton ausgegeben)

Wer SMPTE ist und was ihre Aufgaben sind, zeigt dieses Promo-Video "The Next Century Fund - SMPTE Centennial Campaign", das im Zusammenhang mit den Bemühungen im Rahmen des 100jährigen Jubiläums steht und zeigt, wie sich die Gesellschaft weiter entwickeln will:

Weitere Details und Anmeldemöglichkeiten finden sich auf der FKTG-Seite:

Und hier der am 10. April letztmalig aktualisierte Programmablauf:

9:00-9:15 Opening Remarks and Welcome

 Robert Seidel, Vice President, CBS USA and SMPTE President;
 Pat Griffis, SMPTE Education Vice President, Dolby USA;
 Barbara Lange, SMPTE Executive Director

9:15-9:45 Opening Keynote: The State of Internet Entertainment in Europe

Keynote Speaker:
 Chris Fetner, Director of Global Content Partners Operations, Netflix, USA

9:45-10:30 Who Creates and Distributes Entertainment Content for the Web: A Global Perspective With an EU Context ? [1]

 Pat Griffis, SMPTE Education Vice President, Dolby USA

 Robert Amlung, Head of Digital Strategy, ZDF German TV, Germany;
 Simon Fell, EBU Director of Technology and Innovation, Switzerland;
 Regis Crinon, Technical Program Manager-YouTube, Google Inc., USA

11:00-12:00 OTT as a Premium Content Provider: Will It Be the Norm in 5 Years? [2]

 Anil Kokaram, Tech Lead at Google, USA

 Bram Tullemans, Project Manager Broadband Technology, EBU, Switzerland;
 Jochen Schmidt, Senior Engineer, ZDF, Germany;
 Nicolas Catania, Software Engineer-YouTube, Google Inc., USA

13:30-14:30 HbbTV: What Else Do We Need Beyond Technology? [3]

 Rainer Schaefer, Vice Chair of the Board, FKTG, Germany

 Dr. Klaus Illgner, Managing Director, IRT, Germany;
 Lars Friedrich, Pro7Sat1;
 Mika Kanerva, COO, SofiaDigital, Finland

14:30-15:30 Preserving the Artistic Intent: Delivering the Creative Vision to the Viewer [4]

 Richard Welsh, Co-Founder and CEO at Sundog Media Toolkit Ltd

 Martin Parsons, Consultant, Image Eyes LTD, UK;
 Touradj Ebrahimi, Professor, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland

16:00-17:15 Social Media as Entertainment Media? [5]

 Deborah Mattatia, Head of Development and Marketing, EPFL Social Media Lab, Switzerland

 Leonardo Chiariglione, MPEG Chairman and CEO at, Italy;
 Mark Kornfilt, Livestream CoFounder and General Manager, UK;
 Daniel Scuka, Senior Editor for Spacecraft Operations, European Space Agency, Germany

Da die schon 2014 in Las Vegas ausgesprochene Einladung nicht umgesetzt und eine Akkreditierung als Presse nicht erteilt wurde, wird die avisierte Berichterstattung von dieser Veranstaltung entfallen.



[1Content for the Internet and mobile consumption will have to follow new recipes and business models in order to create interest and impact for consumers. What are the technological but also creative means to meet these requirements, with a high degree of automation to control costs. The session will answer these questions.

[2We’ve come a long way from the stuttering, postage stamp videos of the early 2000s. Today, web video viewers regularly watch HD video from any number of video sites. Many also have sufficient bandwidth to stream Blu-ray quality movies from sites such as VuDu and Amazon Instant Video. This year, services such as Netflix and Amazon are also promising to deliver Ultra HD video to their customers in the US and Europe at a time when pay-TV and over-the-air broadcasting cannot. Moving at the speed of the Internet, could OTT leap frog traditional delivery methods to become the premium content delivery mechanism?

[3For advanced and interactive television services, convergence of broadcast and broadband has culminated in developing HbbTV, which is currently adopted in an increasing number of countries worldwide. In contrast to bringing apps from the mobile world to a TV screen, or by extending the screen of a mobile device to a stationary TV, HbbTV targets a seamless viewing experience across conventional delivery media and the Internet, thus already removing barriers between linear and non-linear programs. However, HbbTV now takes a step forward from just converging delivery channels by creating a synchronized cross-media and cross-device experience including portable and mobile units – either by adequate head-end infrastructure, or by including advanced synchronization techniques and local device-to-device communication into the upcoming standard HbbTV 2.0. This session introduces aspects of advanced HbbTV service deployments and discusses visions and challenges – also in the light of potentially competing technologies developed in the mobile world.

[4Artistic Intent is the hallmark of storytellers. The challenge is retaining the look which creatives carefully define to tell their stories as we deliver to the cinema theatre to the living room and on the go. Rapid advances such as UHD-TV and advanced display technologies for tablets and phones promise an incredible experience via web delivered content.

New content creation options complement increased pixel count such as extended dynamic range, wide colour gamut, high frame rate. Artists enjoy the most extended creative palette in motion picture that they have ever had. With new technology come new challenges, the wide variability of picture quality the audience experiences goes beyond the physics of display. Consideration must be given to everything from layered compression used in delivery, to power consumption in playback devices, render capabilities and viewing dynamics. Solutions to preserve artistic intent via metadata and standards may be possible, but require broad industry co-operation. This session will look at how new technologies can enhance story-telling and how we strive to deliver not only the best possible experience, but the artistic vision as intended.

[5With the global growth in social media usage and the ability to share entertainment content either as a primary or as a secondary channel via social networks, the distinction between what’s a social experience and what is an entertainment experience is blurring. In this session we will discuss how the technology trends are enabling new trends in content creation as well as business models and what new capabilities and services, we can expect to see in the near to mid-term future.

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