IFA 2011: Preview: IEEE (3)

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Heute beginnt das Konferenzprogramm der IBC im Amsterdam. [1]

Und heute findet der dritte Tag der "International Conference on Consumer Electronics" IEEE, statt, die bisher ausschliesslich im Rahmen der Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas abgehalten wurde.

Auch wenn die schier überbordende Fülle der Beiträge schon Gefahr läuft, das vielleicht bestehende Interesse an einzelnen Themen zu lähmen, sei doch ein Blick in dieses umfangreiche Programm empfohlen. Hier wird all das besprochen, was in der Perspektive der Anwendungen auch in dem TechWatch-Programm einem grösseren Publikum vorgestellt werden soll.

Hier das Programm [2]:

09:00 - 10:20
Keynotes 6
Chair: Robin Bradbeer (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

The Push and Pull of Greening Electronics
Nils F. Nissen (Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM, Germany)

A Tale of Two Clouds: The one in your data center and the one in your pocket
Simon A Crosby (Xensource, USA)

10:40 - 12:00
Green Consumer Electronics 1
Room: Room 42
Chair: Wayne Rifer (EPEAT, USA)

Parallel DC/DC Converters with Multi-Agent Based Multi-Objective Optimization for Consumer Electronics
Peter Bartal (Budapest University of Technology and Economics & MFKK Invention and Research Center Services Ltd., Hungary); János Hamar (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary); István Nagy (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary)

Non-Energy Related Policy Options to Foster Eco-Design of Electronics Products
Dorothy Maxwell (Global View Sustainability Services Ltd, United Kingdom); Karsten Schischke (Fraunhofer IZM, Germany); Laure McAndrew (Global View Sustainability Services, United Kingdom); Owen White (Collingwood Environmental Planning, United Kingdom)

Application of rare earths in consumer electronics and challenges for recycling
Ran Liu (Oeko-Institute, Germany); Matthias Buchert (Oeko-Institute, Germany); Stefanie Dittrich (Oeko-Institute, Germany); Andreas Manhart (Oeko-Institute, Germany); Cornelia Merz (Oeko-Institute, Germany); Doris Schueler (Oeko-Institute, Germany)

Carbon Footprinting of Information Technology Products based on ISO standards
Hellmut Böttner (Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Germany); Karsten Schischke (Fraunhofer IZM, Germany)

Human Device Interaction
Room: Room 43
Chair: Jose Bravo (University of Castilla-La Mancha & MAmI Research Lab, Spain)

IDColor: A color based identification system
Guillermo Matas Miraz (University of Cordoba, Spain); Pilar Castro Garrido (University of Cordoba, Spain); Francisco J. Bellido Outeiriño (University of Cordoba (Spain), Spain); Irene Luque Ruiz (University of Córdoba, Spain); Miguel Ángel Gómez-Nieto (University of Córdoba, Spain)

Scalable Multisensory System for a Customizable User Wake Up Experience
Milan Z Bjelica (University of Novi Sad, Serbia); Bojan Mrazovac (University of Novi Sad & RT-RK D.O.O., Serbia); Ruairi Duffy (I-Novi, Belgium); Lorcan Brophy (Aventure Ireland Ltd, Ireland)

Radio Frames - Personalization of Audio Programs
Bjoern Stockleben (Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal, Germany); Nicolas Pereira (Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg, Germany)

A case study: Mobile Augmented Reality System for Visualization of Large Buildings
Thomas Rößler (Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus, Germany); Stephan Rogge (Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany); Christian Hentschel (Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus, Germany)

12:00 - 13:00
Green Consumer Electronics 2
Room: Room 42
Chair: Karsten Schischke (Fraunhofer IZM, Germany)

A Mobile digital TV Platform with Power-saving Strategy
Seong-Pil Moon (Chung-Ang University, Korea); Min-kyu Cho (Chung-Ang University, Korea); Jaeyeal Lee (Chung-Ang University, Korea); Jun-Gil Jeon (Chung-Ang University, Korea); Tae-Gyu Chang (Chung-Ang University, Korea); Chang-Hwan Jang (NTN Technology, Korea)

Efficient supercapacitor energy usage in mobile phones
Jose Monteiro (ISCTE-IUL, Portugal); Nuno Garrido (ISCTE-IUL, Portugal); Ricardo Fonseca (ISCTE-IUL, Portugal)

Towards Ubiquitous Smart Outlets for Safety and Energetic Efficiency of Home Electric Appliances
Bojan Mrazovac (University of Novi Sad & RT-RK D.O.O., Serbia); Milan Z Bjelica (University of Novi Sad, Serbia); Nikola Teslic (University of Novi Sad, Serbia); Istvan Papp (University of Novi Sad, Serbia)

RF & Wireless 1
Room: Room 43
Chair: Alexander Huhn (Alphaboard Berlin, Germany)

A Packet Reception Model for Cooperative Relaying Diversity in Wireless Multi-Cell Networks
Ramiro Samano-Robles (Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal); Atílio Gameiro (Instituto de Telecomunicações / Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal)

Method to Suppress Shot Noise in Radio Receivers
Francesco Adduci (STMicroelectronics, Italy)

Reduced Complexity Coding Schemes for PMEPR Reduction of OFDM Systems Using Sign Selection
Mohammad Ghasemi Damavandi (University of Tehran, Iran); Aliazam Abbasfar (University of Tehran, Iran)

14:00 - 14:40
Product Compliance Trends in Europe
M. Loerzer: Product Compliance Trends in Europe
Room: Room 43
Chair: Horst Schwetlick (HTW, Berlin, University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

14:00 - 16:00
Special Session Green CE
Room: Room 42
Chair: Karsten Schischke (Fraunhofer IZM, Germany)

14:40 - 16:00
RF & Wireless 2
Room: Room 43
Chair: Horst Schwetlick (HTW, Berlin, University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

Performance Evaluation of a Provider Revenue-Based Framework for GEO Satellites
Polychronis Koutsakis (Technical University of Crete, Greece); Charalabos Stamos (Technical University of Crete, Greece); Dimitra Vasileiadou (Technical University of Crete, Greece); Aggelos Lazaris (University of Southern California, USA)

Design of Low Power VCO using Gm-Boosted Technique for WLAN Applications
Chang-Hsi Wu (Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, Taiwan); Wai-Chi Fang (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan); Ning-Yuan Wu (Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)

A Novel Index Assignment Algorithm Based on Immune System
Wang Yue (Zhejiang Gongshang University, P.R. China)

16:20 - 17:40
Image and Video Feature Extraction
Room: Room 42

Gradient-based Video Text Localization Algorithm with Statistical Analysis of Text-like Features
Cheng-Hsuan Li (National Taiwan University, Taiwan); Yung-Lin Huang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan); Shao-Yi Chien (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

Overlay Text Localization for Full HD Video Applications
Jong-Ju Hong (Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea); Yun-Ki Han (Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea); Woo-Jin Song (Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea); JungHwan Lee (LG Display, Korea); HeeJung Hong (LG Display, Korea); EuiYeol Oh (LG Display, Korea)

Still Image Object Categorization using 3D Models
Raluca-Diana Petre (Institut TELECOM, France); Titus Zaharia (Institut TELECOM, France)

Movie Abstraction and Content Understanding Tool Based on Shot Boundary Key Frame Selection
Eugenie Grinenko (St.Petersburg university of film and television, Russia)

TV Broadcasting & VoD
Room: Room 43

Continuous Subjective Quality Evaluation of Terrestrial Broadcast Video
_ Stefan Gauss (Daimler AG, Germany); Thomas Müller (Daimler AG, Germany); Juergen Wuenschmann (Ulm University, Germany); Albrecht Rothermel (University of Ulm, Germany)

Second Screen TV Synchronization
Christopher Howson (Technicolor, France); Eric Gautier (Technicolor, France); Philippe Gilberton (Technicolor, France); Anthony Laurent (Technicolor, France); Yvon Legallais (Technicolor, France)

A Full-Duplex Hands-Free Videophone Add-on Device for Digital Television Sets
Ivan Kastelan (University of Novi Sad & RT-RK Computer Based Systems LLC, Serbia); Mihajlo Katona (University of Novi Sad & RT-RK Computer Based Systems LCC, Serbia); Istvan Papp (University of Novi Sad, Serbia); Mile Davidovic (RT-RK Computer Based Systems LLC, Serbia); Ivan Resetar (RT-RK Computer Based Systems, Serbia)

Efficient and scalable open-source JPIP server for streaming of large volumes of image data
Juan Pablo García-Ortiz (University of Almería, Spain); Carlos Martin (University of Almeria, Spain); Vicente G. Ruiz (University of Almería, Spain); José Juan Sánchez-Hernández (University of Almería, Spain); Inmaculada García (University of Málaga, Spain); Daniel Müller (European Space Agency, The Netherlands)

17:40 - 18:00
 Closing Plenary
Room: Room 42