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Hier das Programm des heutigen Vormittags im Rahmen des EDCF open meetings im Überblick:

Chaired by:
 Peter Wilson, HDDC, UK


 Peter Walford, Plexipus Consulting, Netherlands

 David Hancock, Senior Analyst, Film & Cinema, Screen Digest, UK

 Peter Dinges, CEO, FFA, Germany

 Olivier Hillaire, Manice, France

 Rolv Gjestland, Senior Adviser, cinema design and technology, Film & Kino, Norway

 Charles Flynn, Executive Director, DCinema Compliance Group, France

 Kommer Kleijn, Freelance Director of Photography and Stereographer, IMAGO, EDCF, Belgium

 Siegried Foessel, Project Manager, Fraunhofer, Germany

 Angelo D’Alessio, CDG, Italy

 Francois Helt, Doremi, UK

IBC’s d-cinema programme concludes on Tuesday morning when it again hosts the annual open meeting of the European Digital Cinema Forum.

This session will provide a particularly European focus on current d-cinema
issues, including a loook at where d-cinema has grown in the last twelve months and examining the economic drivers behind this. We will highlight some of the territories where d-cinema has stalled or not started and examine any financial and technical reasons behind this.

The session will also review how compliance and certification are being applied in Europe, and check progress on the specific European requirements being built into SMPTE standards. These and many more questions will be considered by the EDCF in this concluding digital cinema session at IBC2008, which is open to all attendees.

Für den Nachmittag um 16 Uhr ist ein Vortrag von Michael Moon, President & CEO, GISTICS auf dem Marketing Leaders Day in Düsseldorf angesagt.

Der Titel und die wichtigsten Stichpunkte:

Leadership in Brand Management & Customer Engagement
Strategies, tactics and methods for services & brand using digital
marketing techniques

• What drives consumers, to seek engagement and interaction
with brands?
• What are the essential capabilities of a digital value-chain for
• How do Web-savvy marketing groups beat other brands, even
when they are well-funded and deeply entrenched incumbent
• How does interactive media and social network media filter
and reinterpret marketing communications? Managing
feedback loops with social media planning.
• The 45-day single-person bottom-up project-planning process:
How do innovation leaders drive organizational change for
marketing success, using the master roadmap!

 An dieser Stelle wird der Text von 2551 Zeichen mit folgender VG Wort Zählmarke erfasst: