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Diese Berlinale - hat sie wirklich stattgefunden? Es ist eine seltsame Erfahrung, so mitten im Geschehen zu stehen und dennoch nicht wirklich voll dabei sein zu können.

Anstatt einer ganzen Wochen voller Empfänge und Kino-Saal-Termine

Es gelten die Regeln des Urheberrechts all rights reserved

gibt es zum Abschluss dieser Woche einen Empfang bei Freunden.

Es gelten die Regeln des Urheberrechts all rights reserved

Und selbst hier kann eine Teilnahme erst in letzter Minute realisiert werden, da auch an diesem Tag andere Verpflichtungen Vorrang hatten.

Dafür sind die Nachrichten am Ende des Tages die spannendsten:

 da gibt es die Nachricht vom Unfall in den
Barrandov-Film-Studios bei Prag wo bei der ersten Prügelszene dem neuen James Bond Darsteller Daniel Craig gleich zwei Zähne ausgeschlagen wurden und sein Zahnarzt eigens aus London eingeflogen wurde um den Schaden noch einigermassen zu kaschieren.

Bären-Preisträger werden in diesem Jahr als SMS-Service auf dem Handy bekanntgegeben.

Berlinale und selbst / ja gerade ein gutgehender Buerobetrieb gehen in dieser einen Woche einfach nicht zusammen.



[1Eine Geschichte die an die eigene Zeit der Arbeit in den Studios der BBC erinnert, unterbrochen von den Zahnarztbesuchen in Paris ;-)

[2So inzwischen nachzulesen in einem Bericht von Grant Hodgson im
Sunday Mirror

BIFF! 007 Craig loses two front teeth in first fight scene
BASH! The baddie who whacked him was only a henchman

NEW James Bond Daniel Craig has already failed to make the grade as a tough guy - after a villain knocked out two of his teeth in his FIRST fight scene.

Craig, 37, was in Prague filming the remake of Casino Royale when the stunt went wrong.

As the shaken star staggered backwards clutching his bleeding mouth, cameramen thought it was a brilliant piece of acting.

But they quickly realised the new 007 was really hurt. His injuries were so bad local dentistry experts could not treat him. So Craig’s dentist was flown out from London for emergency surgery in the Czech capital Prague.

Dentist Rod McNeil, based in London’s Cavendish Square, fixed caps to his broken teeth then flew back to Britain.

The actor has now been given six gumshields and told to wear them while filming stunt scenes for the £60million movie at Prague’s Barrandov Studios.

An insider said: "Daniel was filming with some minor actors when he got hit in the face. He was reeling from a heavy blow and staggered back holding his face.

"He put his hand to his mouth but the blood started to seep through his fingers - it was horrible. He did not make a fuss though, and fortunately the accident will not affect the film.

"He soon got back to work, and will just have to wear a gumshield during action scenes for the film.

"These are so his teeth look perfect when his mouth is open and cameras pan in on him."

The Sunday Mirror revealed last year how Craig would be starring alongside stunning Thandie Newton. But he was dubbed "James Bland" last October when unveiled as the sixth Bond for failing to match up to tough guys Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan.

Craig, who has dated Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, admitted he was terrified when he arrived at a Press conference after a speedboat ride up the Thames.

When asked why he should play 007, the Chester-born actor simply said: "Why not?"

The latest blow to his image is believed to have come in a fight scene involving an actor playing a henchmen to evil baddie Le Chiffre - played by Danish actor Mads Mikkelson, 41. Bond was supposed to be confronting a terrorist bomber at an embassy in which he ends up throwing him through a window after first knocking out other baddies. Instead Craig came off worst.

According to a film insider, panic set in as director Martin Campbell and producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson realised how badly he’d been hurt.

After failing to find a local dentist who could quickly repair the damage, they opted to fly Craig’s dentist in from London. Dr McNeil, of McNeil & Barrett, flew out to Prague and spent the day in the studio’s medical room carrying out the repair work. He repaired Daniel’s broken teeth with caps using a record of his teeth he’d brought with him.

A source said the incident happened at the beginning of the month. He added: "Daniel was trying to say, ’I’m all right’, but he could barely speak. It was obvious he was in a lot of pain.

"Everybody was in a panic because they knew any injuries to Daniel could mean a delay and cost a fortune. It could even have delayed the film’s release, which would have been disastrous. No local dentist said they could repair Daniel’s teeth properly at such short notice so producers flew his personal dentist in. He had to wait a few hours before his dentist could get to Prague, but afterwards he was almost as good as new.

"Daniel’s dentist did a great job - and only charged producers for his expenses. As he is an old friend he did not make him pay for the work. Daniel was really grateful and glad to get back to working so quickly."

Shooting for Craig and the rest of the film’s crew in the Bahamas is due to start on Thursday at the 200-year-old Buena Vista Hotel in Nassau, which will double as the Liberian Embassy in Madagascar. Scenes will also be shot in Italy and at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire before the cast and crew return to the Czech Republic in March.

When it was announced Craig was to star in the remake of 1967 spoof Casino Royale, the actor was mocked after arriving at the Press conference surrounded by burly Marines wearing an unflattering life jacket.

Speaking afterwards, Daniel also did 007’s macho reputation no favours when he said: "I would like to thank the Royal Marines for bringing me in like that, and scaring the s*** out of me." It’s not the first time that Craig has taken a beating during a film. In the hit movie Layer Cake, in which his cocaine-dealer character had sizzling love scenes with actress Sienna Miller, he was also given a thorough seeing-to.

Craig’s predecessor as Bond, Pierce Brosnan, 52, said he was "gutted" to have lost the role after four outings as the secret agent. He also said he would love to resume the role if Craig’s version proved to be a flop.

Actress Lois Maxwell, who played Miss Moneypenny in 14 Bond films, was also critical of Craig landing the iconic role.

She said he wasn’t as handsome as previous Bonds Roger Moore and Sean Connery She added: "He has what you’d call an interesting face. Perhaps the make-up girls could do something to him, maybe give him a wig."

The new film will feature all the usual gadgets and special effects associated with 007. Bond will drive a sleek new Aston Martin DBS and the original DB5 from the 1960s, which appeared in Goldfinger and Thunderball.

French beauty Eva Green was also recently unveiled as the latest Bond girl. The 25-year-old actress plays Bond’s love interest, Vesper Lynd. Dame Judith Dench also reprises her role as Bond’s boss, M.

In the film, based on author Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel, Bond combats a sinister casino owner who is using his winnings to fund terrorism.

Dad-of-one Craig is now dating Bond Girl Satsuki Mitchell, 29, after splitting with German actress Heike Makatsch. The Sunday Mirror revealed last year how he had a fling with Layer Cake co-star Sienna Miller after her then boyfriend Jude Law’s steamy affair with their children’s nanny.

He also dated Kate Moss before she dated junkie rocker, Pete Doherty. In the early 1990s he married jazz singer Harley Loudon, 37, and the couple have a daughter, Ella, 12.

Casino Royale is set for release on November 17.

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