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Es gibt Einträge in diesem Journal die einen Wert erhalten, der weit über diesen einen Tag hinausweist.

Im Zusammenhang mit dem seit langem vorbereiteten IP-Broadcast-Projekt gibt es einen ersten Hinweis, der auf den 17. Mai 2004: Neues für Daten-Flug-Reisende zurückverweist.

Und dann gibt es den Eintrag vom 21. April 2006: In- & On-Air: LH 456.

Der erste zeigt, wie lange das am 21. April erstmals erfolgreich umgesetzte Projekt schon in der "Pipeline" gelegen hat.

Und ohne den Nachweis des Zweiten hätten uns "die Amerikaner" doch um ein Haar - sprich einen Tag - diesen geradezu "historischen" Anlass weggeschnappt.

So aber kommt es hoffentlich zu einer wohlgemuten Koexistenz zwischen "Glory" und "Geschichtsbuch".

Hier ein Auszug aus der am 2. Mai diesen Jahres im Lufthansa Flug Nummer 459 von San Francisco nach München geführten Korrespondenz:

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

these are (heart-)breaking news!

I am neither a guru nor a travel expert. And if Peter managed to run the show on the 22. of April: congratulations.

But it remains my pleasure and privilege to annotate, that the first operative link for a radio-show has been established the 21. of April 2006 in collaboration with the ARD (RBB / RADIO EINS).

Therefore I propose: all the glory may go to Peter, but the inscription in the broadcasting-history records shall be related to my name.

Best regards!

[sign.] Wolf Siegert

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Here you are, Mr. Siegert:


Travel guru will use Lufthansa’s FlyNet(tm) Internet service to broadcast live from 35,000 feet above the North Atlantic

East Meadow, NY, April 21, 2006 - Lufthansa and world-renown travel expert Peter Greenberg will make both radio and airline history tomorrow with a planned two-hour live broadcast of Mr. Greenberg’s weekly radio show while flying high over the North Atlantic ocean. Greenberg will take advantage of Lufthansa’s industry-leading, in-flight Internet service, FlyNet(tm), with satellite-based ISP Connexion By Boeing, to deliver his weekly radio program live from aboard Lufthansa’s Flight 406, from Frankfurt to New York’s JFK International Airport.

"Travel Today with Peter Greenberg" is carried on more than 100 weekly affiliate radio stations as well as via the talk radio podcast web portal The show can be heard from 10 a.m. to Noon E.T., and listeners can find a local station or connect to the Podcast at

Lufthansa was the first airline in the world to premiere the in-flight broadband Internet service FlyNet(tm) in early 2003. Lufthansa engineers worked with Connexion By Boeing, who provides the satellite and ground-based portions of the service, to provide another pioneering product for its passengers.

"FlyNet(tm) is an example of how Lufthansa is constantly seeking to provide innovative new choices in premium service for all of its passengers," said Thomas Winkelmann, Lufthansa Vice President, The Americas. "We’re pleased Peter Greenberg chose Lufthansa in recognition of our leading in-flight broadband service to demonstrate the fantastic capabilities of FlyNet(tm) and the ever-increasing reach of his well-known "Travel Today" radio program," Winkelmann added.

Lufthansa Ranks among the top ten airlines in the world in terms of size and is the second-largest European airline, serving 411 destinations in more than 96 countries around the world, including 19 North American gateways.
In 2005, Lufthansa flew a record 51 million passengers. Lufthansa’s industry-changing innovations include FlyNet(tm) (the first in-flight broadband internet service); BusinessJet (the industry’s trend-setting, business-class-only flights); PrivateJet (seamless premium private jet connections from transatlantic flights to Europe), and dedicated First Class Terminals and lounges that are setting new standards in luxury travel.

For more information, visit

Tom Tripp
Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Corporate Communications


Jennifer Urbaniak
Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Corporate Communications

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Michael Lamberty

Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Referent Media Relations


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this is to confirm that I do use the second access code right now to send you this message of confirmation.

The tests on the flight to LAX were that good that we already started to "tape" some of the interview:

This "DaybyDay" page as mentioned here was written and uploads on this flight as well.

Now I’m on my way back and we finished our NAB-Radio-Report successfully.

Would you be so kind and to let me know if other broadcast-shows have already been "on-air" before. Not in Germany, as far as we know, but in the US may be? If not, your PR-people my pick this up as an item of interest, if they want to.

With kind regards - up in the sky:

[sign.] Wolf

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