CES 2023 selected sessions

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Friday, January 6
Living longer, aging better. That’s the power of AgeTech.
AARP Conference Session

AgeTech is transforming how we age and how we support the millions of families caring for loved ones all over the world. Join AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins and actors Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen as they share their personal stories and discuss their latest project to raise awareness and spark new solutions for family caregivers around the world.

Friday, January 6
Meta: The Next Era of Connection
CSPACE C Space Storyteller

Harry McCracken
Fast Company | Global Technology Editor
Asmita DUBEY
Christine Trodella
Meta | Vice President, Commercial Sales
Mark Curtis
Accenture | Head of Innovation Accenture song
Michael Scogin
NBCU | Vice President Strategic Partnership

This panel conversation will shine a light on the early movers that are shaping the metaverse ecosystem. From Accenture’s experience in leveraging VR to improve its own employee onboarding & learning experiences, to other globally recognized brands that are building immersive experiences that help them reach their audiences and connect with them in new ways, learn more about how companies on the cutting edge are supporting the way to the metaverse.