Onboarding Berlin, Germany: from Exile to Execution

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On Friday, September 9th 2022, we presented a first encounter with the Belarusian "Chin Chin"-project [1]:

But how to continue, if all the members of this professional staff were expelled from their country?

Is there something similar, like the Writers-in-Exile-Network, for these people?

Yes, there is: We have already pointed out the ongoing support by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and their FOUNDATION OFFICE BELARUS. Here is one of their recent videos on this topic called "SCHLUSS in der NUSS":

And, as pars pro toto, here are further sources to illustrate the situation:

There was an impressive session at the Gorki-Theatre in Berlin, cooperating with RSF in May 3rd 2021: Live Stream:

One year later, May 19 2022, this EU-report was published:

Unterstützung des unabhängigen Mediensektors in Belarus

And on Thursday, 15 September 2022 "Europe’s unique Media Conference for Democracy and Press Freedom" gathered in Potsdam at the Orangery Sanssouci for the M100 SANSSOUCI COLLOQUIUM entitled: War and Peace. A new World Order.


But, besides all these papers and conferences, to whom to go, if you’ve just arrived in Berlin: a VIP in Belarus bit a nobody here in Germany?

Three recommendations:

 The open channel ALEX of the Media Institute Berlin-Brandenburg, represented by Volker Bach. Most of the access-points are in German language only, but do have a look what they did in the framework of the Media 100 Program in 2018 with their integration traineeship

 The Berlin medianet association, represented by the chairwoman of the executive board Jeannine Koch, "offers its members exclusive access to new business contacts, cooperation partners and professionals. In addition to contacts to politics and funding institutions, we build bridges to business partners and financing opportunities".

 The medienboard BerlinBrandenburg, represented by Kirsten Niehuus and Helge Jürgens, " is the main institution for the film and media industry in the German capital region, represents Berlin-Brandenburg as a key media location at markets and festivals in Germany and abroad and supports cross-border and cross-industry networking." [2]:

The best occasion to meet all these people is to join the
 Mediatech hub conference at the Babelsberg Studios, starting today "Under the motto Sustainability, Cloud and The New Virtual” :


After a long journey of hustle and bustle, it was possible being accredited and to get two of the Chin-Chin-members in exlie invited - and this is with all our respect to say “Thank You” to the organizers.


[1Wer mehr über das Making-of, die Bedeutung und die unterschwellige Relevanz dieses Videos erfahren möchte, hinterlasse bitte HIER eine Nachricht.


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