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Exams: HM042 Idea Development "Dinking"


This page is recalling all those contributions that were not presented this day.

The order of today’s presentations can be agreed among those students present and/or determined by technical conditions.

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As mentioned before, the credits will be awarded in respect to these three elements:
 the presentation charts (documented on this page),
 the presentation (recorded on the WebEx-Server), a
 the scientific paper (uploaded with the presentation on the "Lernportal").


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16:00 - 16:30

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 Technical Rehearsal

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"School of ReCreatives is a project in which the main goal is to teach subjects regarding the Creative Industries to people, capacitating them to act in this field. The goal is to make this a school free of charge for its students based on the fact that the Creative Industries grows more and more every day and yet is very expensive to study anything related to it, even though the field suffers from not having diversified professionals with deep understanding of the industry - that having the main reason of the high prices for formal education. Also the School would be primarily designed for low income people and LGBTQIA+ that would not have access to study Creative Economy otherwise.
Questions as place, format, conditions and applicability are dealt with using the steps of the Design Thinking process."



Worlds upon My Fingers is a mobile exhibition which is passing through Europe, one country to another. What exhibited in this exhibition is, detailed 3D replicas or 3D models of the famous buildings of Worlds History, for instance, Keop’s Pyramid, Hagia Sophia, Brandenburger Tor and more. By making this project, we are helping visually disabled people to have the chance to see or imagine the world’s most important architectural heritage, maybe for the first time in their entire life, by touching and listening these replicas.


In my project I will focus on offering to existing fashion showrooms a possibility of digital ones too.
Digital ones because fashion industry went through many transformations in the last years and as any other industry it also goes digital.
Furthermore, digital showrooms would offer possibility to select pieces more quickly, to make more appointments in one day as buyers could
already and make your selection with detailed product specification online in 3D, to connect with them all around the world and not limit themselves
only to those who can come to Germany physically.
The whole idea serves the purpose to improve and revolutionize wholesale buying experience, adapt it to times we live in and rapid changes in fashion, to
boost sales, make whole process faster, easier.

PAKISTAN-INDIA RELATIONS. A Rocky Course Ahead.(Beant Singh S.) [2]

Relations between India and Pakistan have been complex and largely hostile due to a number of historical and political events. Relations between the two states have been defined by the violent partition of British India in 1947, the Kashmir conflict, and the numerous military conflicts fought between the two nations. Consequently, their relationship has been plagued by hostility and suspicion. Currently after Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill, Pakistan cut off bilateral and trade relations with India, recalled the Pakistani ambassador to India, and expelled the High Commissioner of India to Pakistan. Northern India and Pakistan somewhat overlap in areas of certain demographics and shared lingua francas (mainly Punjabi and Hindustani).


For all those, who’re done: enjoy John’s "Postdco Blues":


[1Bezieht sich in der Präsentation
 auf ein konkretes Projekt, auf die sie die "Dinking"-Kriterien anwenden will
 auf die neue Definition des Begriffs "Professionalisierung"
 auf die für uns ’besonderen’, für sie ganz normalen Bediungungen des Gegensatzes von arm und reich....
 auf die Sicht der potenziellen ’user’.
Gibt eine Reihen von Statistiken bekannt (Zahlen bitte nachreichen! WS.)
Bezieht sich auf die Ausbildungssituation für Creative Industries - auch in Berlin!
Three problems: 1)"You can not learn when you’re hungry".
2) Looking at the LGBT-Communities, and 3) displacement and international migration. "Expat - or Immigrant - White or Black"?
Präsentation der Idee einer School of ReCreatives. Nach dem Vorbild von "Spectaculu" & "Perestroika". In einer Untersuchung wurden sovohl potenzielle Profile in Brasilien als auch in Berlin abgerufen und es gab die Idee, beide Standorte zu kombinieren. Werkstatt der Kulturen in Berlin und zwei Festivals. In Rio: Spectakulu und Perestroika. und das Rio2C-Festival.

Looking for true novative professionals.

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