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Read this original Mail, received Sunday June 30, 2019 10:14 [1] and "just sit and relax":

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Für Nutzer des Google-Chrome-Browsers geht es mit diesen Helper Tools for Instagram noch eleganter, in dem man mit seinem Nutzer-Profil bezahlt [2]:

Create followers/following list of IG account, find common users of 2 IG accounts, mass following, liking the posts in your feed

Please fill the Helper Tools for survey ( There are only two required to answer questions, so filling the survey will take several minutes, and it will help to make it better. You can also click on the Website link in the "Additional Information" right-side panel. [...]

Oder man geht zurück auf diesen seit dem 21 Mai 2019 online gestellten Beitrag von Lindsay Kolowich im HubSpot Blog mit diesen Empfehlung zum Thema: 15 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

Sie schreibt:

For the average person or business, growing your following takes time and attention on a daily basis. Luckily, there are a few things you can do right away to collect at least 1,000 quality followers for your personal or professional Instagram account. It’s all about knowing where to invest your time and effort.

Ihre Empfehlungen zum Thema:

Create and optimize your profile.
Designate a content creator.
Follow photography and editing best practices.
Set a regular posting schedule.
Curate some of your content.
Use a consistent, platform-specific brand voice.
Write engaging, shareable captions.
Optimize posts with relevant hashtags.
Interact with users through follows, likes, and comments.
Cross promote with users who have audiences similar to your own.
Run Instagram contests to encourage engagement.
Use Instagram Stories and explore its interactive features.
Test out the Live Video feature.
Share your profile link on your website and social media channels.
Apply for a verification badge.

Oder, man lädt sich die aktuelle Fan-Lift-App herunter und folgt den inzwischen mehr als 1 Million angeklickten Empfehlungen (unter Nutzung eines Insta-Fake-Accounts [sic!]):


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