Design Thinking & Idea Development (HM022) VI

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This is the last day of this HM022 course, today in room 123, main building, for all those who will present their ideas / proposals / projects / ... [1] [2]

Here is today’s schedule (last update: Friday, 23rd. 00:30 h.) [3]:


Breakfast | Technical set-up | Evaluation-Forms


Introduction and presentation of invited guests


L.TD: A Bag for Brasil.

This project started with me walking around the city of Berlin and making a comparison with my homeland (Brazil) with here.
The difference between how people behave here, how people here are more conscious about the preservation and non-pollution of the city is huge.
The project brings an idea that could possibly motivates people in Brazil to change their supermarket plastic bags for a reusable one and how it could change Brazil’s destiny.

Zen Lais

During the class period, I became aware of the need to think on myself as a priority matter so I could go further with other projects later on.
That is when this project was born. Zen Laís is a project that brings to my own life the benefits of meditation.


PR: The Raven Projekt

This is a digital experience for art lovers. Through our platform, we invite artists to collaborate in the framework of one concept. We create an immaterial space where design, sound, movement do mutually intertwine. We propose you to discover our conceptual universe made of several short movies. Curated by our passion for performance, Raven Projekt innovates, inspires, federates.

Come to begin the experience on Instagram.


SG: The Electric Byke

This presentation is for those who have already heard about electric bikes but who have doubts about it.

That’s why in this presentation there will be new features that will allow every Zero driver to become part of a community, giving them not only the possibility of enhance their experience in a new and unique way, but also the chance of interact with each other and the ambient around them, discovering new places and get to know more people with their same passion.

With the new and more precise data gathered by the app the company will also greatly implement both the customer care service and the bike performances while offering an innovative, more technological way of experience to all the Motorbike community.

Having a Zero will not mean only possessing a top-notch electric motorcycle, but it will be a new way of riding.


LL MW: TranspaRENT [4]

The current situation of the housing market is tense. The topic is taken up by politics and the media. But do you have the trust that something will really change? That the next apartment search doesn’t leave you completely desperate?
Or do you still have the feeling, that landlords and housing companies continue to play their game and making living a luxury good? Together, we want to create transparency! We are going to pursue a path that forces politics and landlords to actually change something.


YQ: Inherited Creative Products

We talk about creative industry, literally, not only creative ideas, but also an industry , not a single one can be omitted.
If we only have creative ideas, it perhaps cannot be acceptable to people in a short period, it can’t bring economic efficiency immediately, then it may become a concept .As regard its development and influence, it needs a long-term observation, whether it will be good or not, cannot be inferred.
If this kind of industry which really brings economic benefits, it will boost the development of more and more creative products. So these two parts build a circulatory system, which have developed side by side through mutual cross.
Sometimes a new creative idea definitely comes out regardless of economic influence (incomes), but here I pay more attention to how to make creative industry develop much more healthy and durably. So we have to consider in practical aspect.
Obviously the view which I gave is more negative and practical ,because this may possibly makes people afraid of failure .But if you keep listening, I would like to say, the view which I gave is try to teach you how to be successful, how to grasp greater potential through creative industry .


AM.H: Filming to support

There are many big companies and organizations helping to some developed countries, but in many cases that is not enough. How can we be helpful using the social media? Well, my proposal is to film and show the beauty of those countries, that means promote the tourism, and furthermore, share a problem that is affecting dramatically these places. Those videos will be upload to the social media and will search for any kind of investors and advise the users to visit those countries.


YY: Espace Libre

Life is on a very fast and digital track for most of us. Inability to change our daily routines pushes us to consume things than producing. We all develop our secret skills in order to be passively active in social environments. We buy things without knowing the effort and the value. We consume relations without adding any metric.
My proposal is to engage wine lovers who wants to feel the indescribable lightness of creating something and who cannot get enough of learning and trying new things by inviting them to wine tasting. This tasty experience will warm their hearts and create bounding in a different dimension than usual social encounters.


BA.S: Economy, Privacy and Trust on Blockchain

The idea of developing your own Smart Contract software was developed during the researches of blockchain. The blockchain probably will somehow affect the future directly or indirectly. Blockchain was basically the idea of taking out of the intermediaries during every kind of possible transaction. There will be no more any banks for trust on and make transaction. There will be only software and cryptography. The usage of Smart Contract appears during this process of transaction. Smart Contracts will be written legal programs that track the transaction and maintain the legal basis of the transactions. Moreover, these smart contracts can be able to follow up all the transaction. So instead of depending on a huge company or a government, the idea is to make software of which everybody can produce and make their own legal basis on this software. To be the your own self smart contractor with a non-biased software.


LK: "The Emperor’s New Clothes" [5]

"The Emperor’s New Clothes" is a zero-waste fashion project and it is basically about reducing waste during the pattern making and sewing process of garments in a creative way to emphasize the importance of sustainability in fashion.


As promised: For those who want to see the latest achievements at the HHI-Fraunhofer-Center and the 3iT-Center in Berlin, here is an invitation link for March 27th..


[1At the end of this day:

TK did not show up

WA never showed up but did send a message

DS never showed up and did not send any messages

AS never showed up and did not send any messages

FS never showed up and did not send any messages

MR.KT never showed up and did not send any messages

[2The names of those students, who have submitted a supplementary document with /after their presentation now have a blue colour.

[3This time-table was a nice try. In the end of the day, we did stay together much longer. And the enduring presence of all those who finished early was highly appreciated! WS.


Transparente Mieten:
Die aktuelle Situation des Wohnungsmarktes ist angespannt.
Das Thema wird von Politik und Medien aufgegriffen. Aber hast du das Vertrauen, dass sich wirklich etwas ändern wird?
Dass die nächste Wohnungssuche dich weniger verzweifeln lassen wird?
Oder bleibt das Gefühl, das Vermieter und Wohnungsbaugesellschaften ihr Spiel weitertreiben, und Wohnen dadurch zu einem Luxusgut wird?
Wir wollen gemeinsam mit euch Transparenz schaffen!
Einen Weg beschreiten, der Druck ausübt auf Politik und Vermieter....

[5"Des Kaisers neue Kleider"
Vortrag von der kreativen Verarbeitung von Stoffresten in der Textilindustrie.

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