Design Thinking & Idea Development (HM022) IV

BY Dr. Wolf SiegertDATE Saturday Last update: 7 February 2018 at 14:26


The use of Moodle?!

In the user group, nearly half of the members of the group NEVER used the "Lernportal".

We checked these participants and found out, that many of those who never used it never showed up in the class neither.

Those who participate are users of the platform.

The main reasons for the use are:

— to get the material from the professors. This is commonly used and accepted.
It is accepted as well if the reception of any material in the annexe has to be approved by the student’s identity.

— to receive the messages from the professors. The advantage is that these messages will be distributed as mail-message to each student member in this group.

— answers to the professors are usually sent directly to his mail-address indicated in the platform.

— the platform is not used for the internal communication between the group-members.

 the participants say that a complete English version should be available NOW.
 the interface of the portal does not an intuitive use ("it took me days to understand how it is meant to be used!")
 most of the participants don’t no their bbw-mail-address and don’t use their mail-account.
 the school should announce the list of companies who sell their products and services for less if you order them as a student of this school.

The use of room 422:

It should not be like a hospital but a room where we are not afraid to do presentations (comment: " I really need that").

Coming from all over the world we have to create an environment that adapts to our needs - even if we have to define these "needs" more in detail.

Giving more space to the individual.

Different Light-Set (no Lab-Lights, no Neon).

Colours for the wall.

Individual spaces.

Minimum catering: Coffee and Tea and Water (even for the presenter)

There should be lessons/workshop how to take the advantage of the rooms for all kind of presentations, workshops, individual courses (may be even meditation).

There could be supplementary walls for a different use: like for writing or pinning,

The room should enable us to improve our potentials - as the last chance before you have to do it in a prof. company setting).

The room should be empty to start with... (to allow different kinds of "Bewegungsfreiheit")

A pulpit is needed to put the papers on whilst speaking.

We need good sound for presentations / for the well-being.

A stage ramp would be nice sometimes...

It is to become a "multi-purpose-room 2.0."

Sometimes the room could be transferred into a club - even with a membership fee.

The room should be available for individual use - and booking.

We should think if this room has any specific links to the cafeteria.

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