DICTATE doesn’t perform...

VON Dr. Wolf SiegertZUM Montag Letzte Bearbeitung: 3. Juli 2017 um 12 Uhr 48 Minuten


Hier ist das Problem: das neue DICTATE für MS-Office [1] ab Version 2013 lässt sich nicht starten.

Daraufhin wurde nach dem Aktivieren des Microsoft-Kontos der VIRTUAL AGENT angefragt.

Hier der Dialog vom 29. Juni 2017 12 Uhr Mittags:

Hello Wolf!
I’m Microsoft’s new Virtual Agent. I’m still in training and I’d love to help you. You can also ask to talk to a person at any time. Please briefly describe your issue below.

 „Dear All“! Mit Windows 7 pro 64 bit und Office 2013 32bit gearbeitet: Dennoch gab es keine Möglichkeit die Funktion zu aktivieren.


ACDSee ist auf einen Betriebsfehler gestoßen und wird jetzt geschlossen
Habe ACDSee 14 und ACDSee 12, Windows 7 ; Nach Download und Installation von ACDSee 15: "ACDSee ist auf einen Betriebsfehler gestoßen und wird jetzt geschlossen" Somit auch unmöglich, den Lizenzschlüssel einzugeben oder als Testversion auszuführen. ...
Browser öffnet keine Normalansicht

Seit gestern öffnet der Chrome-Browser kein Fenster mehr auf dem Display, obwohl die angeklickten Links geöffnet sind (Miniaturfenster über der Taskleiste sind vorhanden). Maximieren dieser Fenster ohne Erfolg. Chrome kann auch nicht deinstalliert werden, es erscheint die Meldung: Schließen Sie ...
Did this solve the problem?

I’m sorry that didn’t work. You can try another question, or you can
Talk to a person

Raymond has joined the chat
Microsoft Answer Tech
Thanks for contacting Microsoft support, my name is Raymond. Please allow me a few moments while I review the information you provided.

 Hi, can I talk in German to you or do you prefer English?

English please :)


And I hope you are doing fine today. Before anything else, I would like to ask for your phone number for documentation purposes.

 I have a rather simple question concering DICTATE

 +49 30 46200660

Sure not a problem. What is it about?

 can I send you a screenshot?

Implementing Dictate the answer ist:
If the screen shot is from another website then that would be fine,

 How to do this?

 the application is "unable to start".
Using Office 2013 32 bit

What Application is that?

 And Windows 7 pro 64 bit

 DICTATE is a MS- application from MS Garage

Sorry for the inconvenience Wolf, and thank you for sharing this concern to us. Perfect timing that you’ve reached Microsoft Answer Desk. I’ll do my best to help you resolve your issue.
Also, kindly take note of this case number for todays interaction : 1390229166
ok. What do next?

To get started, I want to set your expectation that the issue you’re facing right now is best handled by our dedicated team. However, I really wanted to help you fixing your issue so I will provide some simple troubleshooting steps. But if It’s more complex then I will be more than happy to provide you their phone number to get this issue resolved.

Can you try to run it in safe mode?


Please try.

 ok. But this is another machine in another room.

 So I have to leave you here ... Good Bye. Wolf

Okay wolf.

if you have some problems. Please feel free to contact us again.



You type all day long to get things done. Responding to email, writing documents and creating presentations to communicate your ideas. Sometimes, this gets tiring. Your fingers get sore, your wrists hurt. Or, maybe using a keyboard is difficult for you. Do you ever wish you could just talk to your computer and have it write for you? Research shows you can speak much faster than you can type. What if you could type with your voice? Meet Dictate, a Microsoft Garage project. Dictate is an Office add-in for Windows Outlook, Word and PowerPoint that converts speech to text using the state-of-the-art speech recognition behind Cortana and Microsoft Translator. Download it today and start writing with your voice!

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