Global VR/AR China Summit

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Hier einige Hinweise auf den Global VR/AR China Summit in Shanghai, VR China.

Wie das nachfolgend dokumentierte Konferenz-Programm samt der dazu parallel verlaufenden break-out-session zeigt, wird dieser Anlass gut genutzt, um an dieser Stelle auf den Medien-Standort Berlin-Brandenburg im Allgemeinen und dessen AR/VR-Aktivitäten im Besonderen zu verweisen.

Da eine eigene Teilnahme nicht möglich sein wird, wurden ersatzweise

zwei Dokumente

vorbereitet, die aus diesem Anlass zum Dialog einladen. Die Zielrichtung geht hier über die Präsentation einzelner Produkte, Firmen und Forschungseinrichtungen hinaus. Es geht darum, ein Verständnis nicht nur für die Technologien zu entwickeln, sondern für ihre (potenziellen) Nutzer*innen in den Ländern Europas und den Vereinigten Staaten. Und das nicht nur im Entertainment-Sektor, sondern auch in den Bereichen der Schulung und Aus-Bildung, nicht nur "B-to-C", sondern auch "B-to-C".

Auf Englisch:

Auf Chinesisch:



dieses Tages:

08:00 Onsite Registration

08:50 Welcome Address by Conference Moderator

09:00 Breakthrough the Boundary of Virtual and Reality

09:30 The Future of Mobile VR

10:00 Daydream: High Quality Mobile VR Platform

10:30 Coffee Break & Networking

11:00 Showcase One: VR/AR New Products &Technology Releasing

11:20 Gemany’s Media Tech Digital Hub Berlin-Brandenburg: A Place for International Partnerships and New Forms of Collaboration

11:40 VR/AR Development in Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea

12:00 Round Table Panel Discussion: VR/AR Industry Breakthrough and Future Expectation in China

12:30 VR/AR Industry Awards Ceremony

12:45 Buffet lunch

14:00 Reaching Into the Future: How Leap Motion Is Bringing Your Hands and Body Directly Into VR/AR/MR to Interact With Virtual Environment

14:30 Technology Breakthrough of 360 degree12K Quality Live VR Streaming

15:00 Practical Applications of VR Education: Stories from the Ground

15:30 Coffee Break & Networking

16:00 Collaborative VR for Industrial Applications

16:20 Social Multi-Player XR (VR, AR, MR, etc) Across All Platforms

16:40 Building Excessive Entertainment Industry Ecological Closed-Loop

17:00 AR+VR Usage Practial Cases for Museums and City

17:20 Panoramic and Volumetric Video Production for High-Quality VR/AR Applications

17:40 End of Conference

Ab 14 Uhr gibt es eine


im Noah Meeting Room No. 5, die wie folgt angezeigt wird:

Background Information:

With more than 1,800 companies and 12,000 highly qualified experts in the ICT sector alone in Brandenburg, the German Capital Region is developing into an international top location for ICT innovations. VR / AR / MR are pushing the industry to new horizons with a strong focus on VR content, based on the long history of the film studio Potsdam-Babelsberg. Thus, Potsdam has been officially selected as MediaTech Hub in Germany, one of 12 Digital Hubs. Meet innovative companies, renowned research institutes, and high potential start-ups from Berlin-Brandenburg.


1:Welcome by Brandenburg Invest: Potsdam Digital Hub (Introductory film)

2:Welcoming remarks by Stephan Schindler,

VR Berlin Brandenburg Association, Chairman of the Board

AR, VR, MR and more in the Capital Region of Germany by Stephan Schindler

3:Brandenburg Invest: Support for Chinese-German Cooperation

4: VRBB companies introduce themselves:

Who we are and what we do and what we are looking for!


· Trotzkind

· Virtual Reality Berlin Brandenburg Association (VRBB) (Carl White, General Manager): Presentation of member companies

· Heinrich Hertz Institute (Fraunhofer HHI)

5: Chinese Testimonial (tbd):

Virtual cooperation in a real world:

Experiences of a Chinese VR company doing business with German partners

6: Q & A Session

7:Film about VR Now Conference in Potsdam,

Biggest VR Conference in Europe. Join us on November 15-16, 2017!

German Participants and Company Profiles

Virtual Reality Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

The Virtual Reality Berlin-Brandenburg Association (VRBB) was founded in April 2016. VRBB brings together companies in the capital region of Germany related 360° media, virtual-, augmented- and mixed reality. We want to be the most effective VR association in Europe supporting our members in developing successfully businesses in those fields. VRBB aims at developing a sustainable VR industry by bringing together the multiple players and their expertise in order to form a virtual conglomerate that can effectively partner with international associations.

Brandenburg Invest

Brandenburg Invest is the State of Brandenburg´s central economic development agency. It is the main contact point for all issues relating to business settlements, innovative medium-sized companies and technology-oriented start-up firms. It was founded in the year of 2001 as a one-stop agency to support SMEs and technology-intensive businesses that are planning investments in Brandenburg. All services are free of charge. We are the organizer of the business delegation to China.

anotherworld GmbH

AnotherWorld is a VR content and production studio based in Berlin with a background in filmmaking. Our strength lies in creating story-driven, cinematic experiences for VR Gaming. We believe that VR can reach a wide audience beyond technophiles through storytelling, cinematic level design, intuitive interactivity and realism through photogrammetry.

Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF follows an interdisciplinary approach to the artistic, technological, and academic teaching and research on the universal subject of film. Established in 1954 today the University ranks among the country’s largest and most modern film schools. With its unique educational concept the film university plays a decisive role in shaping the future of moving images. Numerous research projects explore the narrative potentials of VR, AR and object oriented audio.

Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology (IPK)

We conduct applied research and development across the whole process spectrum of manufacturing industry – from product development, production processes, maintenance of investment goods, and product recycling to the design and management of manufacturing companies. We also transfer production technology solutions to areas of application outside of industry. IPK is structured in the divisions Corporate Management, Virtual Product Creation, Production Systems, Joining and Coating Technology, Automation Technology, and Quality Management and the exploration areas Medical Systems Engineering and Traffic Engineering.

Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI)

We are a world leader in the development of mobile & optical communication networks and systems, fiber optical sensor systems as well as the processing and coding of video signals – from fundamental research to the development of prototypes. We focus on Video Coding & Analytics and Video & Imaging Technologies. A main focus is the development of different parts in the value added chain of VR/AR such as capturing in 360 degree, Volumetric Video and UHD video transmission – using HEVC. One example is the OmniCam-360.


We are a VR Full Service Studio working creatively on immersive projects by serving and supporting clients to master the beauty and craft of VR as well as working on self-developed projects. INVR has a vast amount of gear and knowledge to produce and post-produce VR content. Focusing on 360° filmmaking by producing 360° Video in 2D and stereoscopic 3D, spacial and binaural audio production are applied. INVR builds self-developed camera rigs, engages in different fields of R&D using its global network to realize international projects.

Trotzkind GmbH

Trotzkind GmbH is a Berlin based content and technology provider for immersive medias like VR, AR, 360° video, games, films and interactive installations. Their client’s industries range from the entertainment industry to business applications, from medical solutions to architectural designs, from software development to creating a great IP. Trotzkind’s strong focus on digital storytelling combines the emotional depths of films with the interactivity and choices from games.


You-VR is focusing on the development of multi-player VR systems, either for B2B applications and commercial AR/VR solutions, or for VR entertainment. We create with VONDERLAND our own multi-sensory and multi-player VR engine and our own VR multi-player content. VONDERLAND will include eye-tracking, hand-tracking, a scent-generator, real-time engine controlled wind, heat, moving walls and hydraulic floors. VONDERLAND will enter the market in the field of LOCATION- BASED VR entertainment.


sich die den Logos hinterlegten Links zu den Medien-Partnern dieser Veranstaltung einmal genauer anzusehen: