Design Thinking & Idea Development (VI)

BY Dr. Wolf SiegertDATE Friday Last update: 17 March 2017 at 00:13zum Post-Scriptum


Today is Presentation Day.

For all students, this is the only time where personal presence is obligatory.

The participation on one of the presentations and the delivery of a paper is obligatory [1]

You are allowed and encouraged to invite participants who are member of the bbw-Hochschule, students as well as staff.

If you want external visitors to participate, they have to be approved by the "Planungsmanagement", namely Doreen Schmidt [2]

Here is today’s schedule (which still may change up to the last moment :-)

8:00 am

Breakfast (Sektfrühstück)

8:30 - 09:45 am

bbw-Buddy-Bear-Design-Challenge related topics

 Buddy Bear Designing Process (Tuuli)

 Buddy Bear Contest Proposals (Linh/"Lily")

10:00 - 12:00 am

 Love Project (Idil)

 My Book Project (Bina)

 Ego-Trip Project (Akrem)

12:30 - 15:00

 Beauty Bee Project (Xenia)

 Fashion Branding (Shadi)

 Fashion 4 (Marieke Anna, Lara, Maria, Salim)

 Music & Lyric 1 (Nhat Thanh)

 Beat-Boxing 1 (Julian)

 The "Band-Wagon-Video" Project (Yves) has to be postponed.
 Today’s presentations will close with a tiny little jam session including Julian & Wolf:

For your encouragement this snippet - although in German - from a presentation of Claus Braun at the Urania Berlin [3], February 24th 2017: "Träume als Sprache der Seele?" about nightmares of students before their exams - and the astonishing positive results:


Presentation-Rating-List (in German language):


[1We have agreed, that the deadline for a final delivery will be one week later, March 17th. by mail. If the paper is delivered, the title of the topic will be presented in bold letters.

[2Tel.: +49 (30) 3199095-36,[AT]

[3Here are some further notes about the URANIA - in German: Einsichtnahmen ins ICH, in der URANIA.