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Up for a challenge? Watch out and sign-up here for the UniCredit Appathon 2015 in Munich!

Application is open until 18th October 2015. Please register as limited tickets are available. After the closing of the registration, participants will receive an official confirmation email from the UniCredit Appathon Germany-Team.

Our recommendation: You can register for the event as individual person or as team. However, we recommend to find your team mates already ahead of the Appathon. To find more people looking for a team mate, you can follow us on Twitter with the Hashtag #appathon2015, like us on Facebook or visit and of course share the Facebook event.

Any more questions regarding the Appathon in Munich? Get in touch with our HypoVereinsbank Appathon Team in Germany:

Unter der Flagge von Österreich finden sich die folgenden Herausforderungen:

Target Savings – Wealth Planning

Everything starts with a saving goal. From Target & Dream Saving tools that allow to get to your targeted amount of money required in more or less sophisticated and fun ways the topic expands to planning the accumulation of larger amounts of wealth. Common components of target saving apps are graphical ways or multi-medial games to show completion rate to reach the target! The goal could be published to others to attract them helping to collect the money. For sure it should be a multi-channel approach being manageable in mobile as well as desktop banking. Multiply goals can be administered. Money can be easily shifted in several situations to add to the goal completion (e.g. on click transfer from your App). The goals can also target a specific customer group e.g. kids for example in “my first Sparschwein”. When it comes to wealth planning, the questions are somehow broader: How to become a millionaire with 50? Everything starts with an idea and results in a plan. Supporting the user with the adequate tools to draw a wealth outlook, set milestones and checkpoints and giving tips on how the goal can be reached.

Assets under (Self)-Management

Giving clients a powerful tool to overlook their assets and to manage them just in time according to their needs. Also yielding reliable support in important decisions – e.g. the opinion of your friends, peers & experts. Find the investment which matches the personal wealth status, risk profile and preferred field of investment (e.g. start-up funding). Moreover it shall include some logic on Financial Forecasting i.e. based on previous “real” transaction data and with the additional info of the user e.g. budget demand, loan rates, expected income increase, etc. the tool will draft a “financial” outlook. e.g. numbers, visuals, for a specified timeframe etc.

Customer Centric Wallet

Life is getting more and more digital – so do our wallets. How does a digital wallet look like in the future and how does it work. How to put a convenient customer experience in the center? Which are the “moments of truth“ such a wallet must cover? What features are included and how can they work on the device? Does it ease e.g. micro payments in your community of friends? How will these payments work in the future between peers? What technology shall it use? The focus should be put on an easy access, fast transaction & check-out, security, easy usability and high adoption-rate (i.e. almost everybody can use it from the start). An additional demand is that the solution is compliant with the Austrian market.

Unter der Deutschen Flagge finden sich die folgenden Challenges

If you are an App Developer, a Web Designer, Financial or Marketing Specialist don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the UniCredit Appathon with your team. Challenge yourself, compete with talented professionals and win great prizes. Choose 1 out the 3 challenges listed below and register to start coding.

Wearables & Mobile Banking.

Consumers are increasingly using wearables to manage their day-to-day lives. What kind of app can you think of to offer personalized information based on the day-to-day needs of bank customers? Help us enriching the current mobile banking experience with new functionalities for wearables, i.e. smart watches. The challenge is to develop additional information or functionalities that are relevant for banking customers.

Private Banking in the digital age

What do Private Banking customers expect from Asset Management and their bank in the future? What kind of app do can you think of responding to the special needs of Private Banking clients on mobile devices? The challenge is to develop solutions e.g., for portfolio reporting, financial planning, or innovative ways to interact with the client’s Private Banker.

Premium Services

The world is changing faster than ever. In the digital realm, customers expect agility, flexibility and security. What digital premium services can you think of that a bank should offer their customers? How can a digital solution combine content, commerce and community?

Das Ereignis

Are you ready for the UniCredit Appathon 2015? Take your chance to join it on 6-8 November in your country:

• Germany, Munich at HVB Forum
• taly, Milan at UniCredit Pavillion
• Austria, Vienna at UniCredit Center am Kaiserwasser

Appathon 2015 is a 24 hour-hackathon aimed to invent, design and develop a prototype mobile app for financial services. Once the challenges will be assigned, your hacking experience will start. The competition rewards the best three ideas presented by multidisciplinary teams composed by at least 1 developer, 1 marketing specialist and 1 web designer (see Terms & Conditions for more details [Link to PDf or T&C microsite]).

There are many reasons why you can’t miss UniCredit Appathon 2015 in Munich. The event provides you the opportunity to share your passion, meet prestigious experts, network with top management and mentors at UniCredit group and have fun with people who love hackathons like you!


The UniCredit Appathon 2015 competition starts on Saturday, 7th November at 11AM for 24 hours non-stop and ends on Sunday, 8th November at 11 AM.

Already on Friday night, 6th November the UniCredit Appathon 2015 kicks-off with a team-building get-toegther at 6PM : registered participants are invited to join the get-together at the HVB Forum [room and address to follow]. Snacks and drinks will be for free! Lonely coders, designers or marketing and financial specialist will be team-up with other lost “hacker” souls.

Appathon 2015 - German edition program

Friday 6 November 2015

6:00 PM

Welcome speech

6.30 PM

Team Building

8:00 PM


Saturday 7 November 2015

8.00 AM


9.00 AM

Welcome Speech & live stream with Austria & Italy

9.00 AM

Last minute team-building

11.00 AM

Start competition & hacking (non-stop until 8th Nov 11.00 AM)

12.00 PM

Lunch buffet

6.00 PM

Dinner buffet

11.00 PM

Latebird Coders Suripise


Sunday 8 November 2015

7.00 AM

Breakfast buffet

11.00 AM

Competition stop & deadline

11.00 AM

Upload projects (Challenge post) & assignment of pitch order

11.30 AM

Lunch break

12.30 AM

Presentation project pitches

2.00 PM

Jury Decision

3.00 PM

Award Ceremony Munich

4.00 PM

International Award Ceremony & Live stream Munich/Italy/Austrian

5.00 PM

Closing & get-together

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