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A new term for cinematographers OCM (Original Camera Master)
This is the the recorded in camera digital file containing the unmodified recorded images for each clip.
In film days it would have been an OCN (original camera negative).

Hier ein Auszug aus den aktuellen Cine-Tech-Speak...

An LTFS tape NAS solution with an 80 TB disk cache integrated with a SAS connected 48 slot LTO-6 robotic tape library. A 10Gig network connection allows multiple work stations to ingest and copy files and to link content to the Avid ISIS. An uninterruptable power supply to provide the opportunity for a safe and clean recovery from a power lost.
OCM files are ingested to the NAS system. The NAS system copies the files to its disk cache and automatically creates another copy to LTO-6 tape.

... aus der MTP SOLUTIONS -Website.

Und schon wieder gibt es Erneuerungsbedarf in den Wikipedia-Einträgen, die bislang nur kennen:
Oaktree Capital Management, amerikanische Investmentgesellschaft
Oracle Certified Master, Zertifikat für Datenbankadministratoren bei Oracle
Oriental Carpet Manufacturers, englischer Teppichhersteller (Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts)
On Chip Memory, Speicherbereich z. B. in einem SoC oder Microcontroller
Open Cycle Map, Lizenzfreie Radkarte auf Basis OSM (Open Street Map)