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Confirmation #: 120476

Dear Wolf Siegert:

Thank you for registering for the 2015 International CES. [...]

All badge pickup takes place on-site in Las Vegas

Like last year, we have a new and efficient badge pickup process and no longer mail badges in advance. You may pick up your badge when you arrive in Las Vegas at over 25 convenient locations like McCarran International Airport baggage claim, select official CES hotels and all exhibit venues. Please visit CESweb.org/regschedule for a complete schedule.

When you arrive, please bring a copy of this confirmation and a government-issued photo ID to any of these badge pickup locations. Simply scan the QR code to retrieve your badge. It’s that simple.

Thank you again for registering, and we look forward to seeing you in January! [...]

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Arlington, VA 22202

Und dennoch. Wird in diesem Jahr die Reise nicht in die USA gehen. Wohl aber der Versuch unternommen, möglichst viel von dem Geschehen online mitzunehmen.