VON Dr. Wolf SiegertZUM Samstag Letzte Bearbeitung: 13. Juni 2014 um 22 Uhr 24 Minuten


Nachdem es erfolgreich gelungen ist, für die IRIS Media auch das IRIS.Berlin-Account zu erwerben wird vom US-Provider Networksolutions den Adressen: Changineer.com und Changineer.ws unaufgefordert eine weitere Endung angeboten: Changineer.xyz

Dear Dr Siegert,
We wanted to remind you that you have been awarded a complimentary .XYZ domain name for 1 year. Your complimentary domain is already in your Network Solutions account and is ready to use during this promotional period. If at the end of your promotional period you choose to not keep the complimentary domain, no action is needed and you will not be charged any fees.

Why Did I Get this Domain?
.XYZ is one of the hottest new domains entering the market. It is memorable and can apply to virtually any business. As one of the largest registrars in the world we arranged for you to try .XYZ at no cost. There are many ways you can begin to take advantage of this new domain, including forwarding it to your existing website, leveraging it for a new marketing program or creating a new unique email address. To encourage you to take advantage of this program free email is included so long as it is tied to the use of the .XYZ domain name.

How do I get Started?
To start using the domain name you need to activate it. This is required by ICANN (the regulating body for domain registrations) to ensure all domains have valid contact information behind it. You will not be able to use your domain name if you don’t complete this step.

Thank you.