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Dieses Bild spricht Bände: Nachdem mehr und mehr Zukunftsprojekte in den vergangenen Jahren auf externe Partner und Expertise "outgesourced" wurden, wird jetzt der Ruf nach neuen Ideen ausserhalb des Hauses laut.
Wieder einmal [1].

Dieses Mal, so der Ansatz, solle nach Silicon Valey und Israel mit Osteuropa und einem Hub in Berlin ein dritter Innovationspool für Start-up activities geschaffen werden.

MORGEN ist der letzte Tag, sich zu bewerben! [2]

T-Labs - Eastern Europe is the new trend in the Innovation Community [3]


[1Dazu im Vergleich die Einladung zur Teilnahme am "Palomar5"-Projekt aus dem Jahr 2009 "Preview: Palomar5 Summit 2009".

[2­­ Telekom Innovation Contest 2013
Terms and Conditions of Entry (external participants)

Your idea of tomorrow

Tomorrow is always how we want it to be. Continuously striving for a better tomorrow we always engage our efforts in order to find out how communications can improve the future, in which way communication can improve everyday life and shared experiences among people and businesses. Deutsche Telekom Group organizes this Telekom Innovation Contest in 2013 in order to open the innovation doors and invite you to jointly build a better future through advanced connected life and work. The Telekom Innovation Contest at gradually making this vision more of a reality.

Developer or creative mind?

You’ve got the heart of a pro and it beats for: Connected Home? Communication Services? Cloud Computing? Energy? Virtual Platform? Then you’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to entering the Telekom Innovation Contest 2013, ambitious individuals and teams

are just as welcome as young start-ups (existing for 3 years at most) – regardless of what country you come from. The Telekom Innovation Contest 2013 offers you the chance to play direct role in developing the communication of the future and to gain something for yourself in the process: experience, reputation and implementation support amounting to 500,000 Euro.

Win in multiple respects.

You’ll benefit in numerous ways: from the attention of experts, to presenting to a high-profile jury and – if things go well – to the possibility for your project to be selected as the one to win the implementation resources (e.g. hardware, software, infrastructure, consultants), amounting to a maximum of 500,000 Euro (no cash) for product development and a concluding partnership with Deutsche Telekom Group in a form upon negotiation (strategic partnership, joint investment, acquisition, revenue sharing, etc ). If you present a good concept, we’ll keep in touch with you – irrespective of whether you win in the end or not. Thus, the contest opens the gates to collaborating with Deutsche Telekom Group – even beyond winning projects. We are happy to invite all entrants to enter into discussions with us. As such, we’re encouraging all developers and creative minds to present their visions to us focusing on, but not limiting to, the following five categories:

(1) Connected Home

(2) Communication Services

(3) Cloud Computing

(4) Energy

(5) Virtual Platform

Throw your abilities into the ring.

Already thinking about it? Then show us what you’re capable of. We look forward to your idea.

Take part in the contest – and be selected in the Telekom Innovation Contest 2013.

1. The Contest’s Approach and Objectives

The communications landscape of the future will look different, just like the IT technology that it’s based on. The Telekom Innovation Contest gives opportunity to develop new ideas and concepts in the areas of

(1) Connected Home

(2) Communication Services

(3) Cloud Computing

(4) Energy

(5) Virtual Platform

and having them evaluated and implemented. When it comes to entering, ambitious individuals and teams are just as sought after as young start-ups (existing for 3 years at most). Among the many benefits, you will get the chance to gain implementation experience on one of the largest European platforms.

For Deutsche Telekom Group, this contest is a means to get to know new ideas and solutions. The contest is open and affords entrants maximum freedom; however, the idea behind it is to seek out innovation ideas that Deutsche Telekom Group can help being transformed into projects and get implemented for the mass market. At the same time, publicity about the contest is intended to promote public awareness of the great development opportunities that telecommunication present.

2. Contest Aim

The contest aim is to develop new ideas and concepts into a product, service or prototype that can be used within the scope of

(1) Connected Home

(2) Communication Services

(3) Cloud Computing

(4) Energy

(5) Virtual Platform

For further information on the themes behind the contest, visit

3. Contest Process

Telekom Innovation Contest 2013 winners will be selected by means of an open, quality-oriented selection procedure including a high ranking jury of Deutsche Telekom Group.

3.1 Contest phases

Two contest phases will take place:

In the first contest phase (submission phase), the entrants‘ ideas must be described in detail in meaningful concept outlines and submitted via our online tool ( until March 31st, 2013, 24:00 at latest. Public announcement of the ideas selected for the final round shall be announced by Deutsche Telekom Group by May 1st, 2013 at latest.

The application information must be submitted online in English via our web tool ( Uploadable supportive documents must be submitted as pdf-files. Documents will not be returned.

The submitted documents must follow this content structure:

Required information (template provided):

— Title of the idea
— Teaser (short description)
— Category
— Description of the idea
— Description of current state-of-the-art in the thematic area
— Envisioned impact on Deutsche Telekom companies upon integration
— Originality and advantages of the idea

Optional information

In addition to completing the online template provided, all entrants are free to submit documents to describe and explain their concept in more detail. All these documents have to be submitted via our web based tool as pdf files.

Once the application period for the preliminary round has expired, all applications will be reviewed and assessed by a panel of Deutsche Telekom Group and external experts.

The most impressive concepts will be selected from among the entries to take part in the second contest phase (pitch-day). Selection will be made on the basis of the contest’s objectives and the criteria listed under section 3.5. The mode of assessment will be at the discretion of the Deutsche Telekom Group.

A total of approximately ten entrants will be selected as finalists who may take part in the final round. The finalists have to visualize and present their concepts in the finals in a pitch format (short presentation plus Q&A). Entrants are free to choose a suitable medium (e.g. video, PowerPoint, images, Flash, etc.). At discretion of the Deutsche Telekom Group a preparation workshop for the finalists may be organized.

The selected finalists undertake and agree to participate in all necessary training courses and project discussions. It is likely that these events will take place in Berlin (Germany). Finalists will be notified of dates in good time.

As part of the final round, finalists from all categories must present their findings to the expert jury. Finalists undertake to take part in these presentations.

3.2 Tentative Timetable

February 21st, 2013: Start of the Telekom Innovation Contest submissions phase

March 31st, 2013, 24:00: Submission phase ends, no further entrants are accepted.

May 1st, 2013: Public announcement of entrants selected for the final phase

May, 2013: Pitch-Day in Berlin, Germany

After the Pitch-Day: negotiation phase with the winner to define the partnership with Deutsche Telekom group

June 2013: joint planning phase (2-4 weeks) for developing a product development roadmap

Following: Implementation phase

Nov. / Dec. 2013: Presentation of the product at the Deutsche Telekom InnoDay in Warsaw

3.3 Conditions of entry

Eligibility: Private individuals or teams thereof who have completed their 18th year of age, young start-ups that exist for no more than 3 years and who share our passion for the presented focuses and who enjoy developing and implementing innovative ideas and creative concepts are invited to enter.

Closing date for entries: Entrants are requested to submit their concept outlines until March 31st 2013, 24:00. Documents must be fully completed and reach Deutsche Telekom Group in a state for processing by this dateat the latest. Receipt of documents will be acknowledged.

Person in charge: Each participating company must name an authorized person in charge of its entry and a deputy as contacts (natural persons).

Reimbursement of costs: All expenses incurred in connection with the application or entry must be borne by the entrants. There is no entitlement to a refund by Deutsche Telekom Group.

3.4 Evaluation and selection criteria

To give entrants the same opportunity to impress through their own efforts, the Telekom Innovation Contest shall be based on an open, quality-based selection procedure in which an expert jury shall make decisions fairly on the basis of objective criteria.

The mode of assessment will be at the discretion of the jury and the evaluation criteria are explained below in paragraph 3.5.

3.5 Evaluation criteria

When evaluating and selecting ideas and concepts, the focus in the first round shall be on the following evaluation criteria:

— Impact and strategic fit for DT group, especially TM-PL, MT
— Creativity and originality of the idea
— Future potential
— Problem awareness
— Usability and customer benefits
— Implementation feasibility (idea must be implementable to prototype status until EOY 2013)
— Structure, form and quality of presentation, overall impression of submission

3.6 Jury

The jury comprises of experts and decision makers from relevant areas within Deutsche Telekom Group and possibly external experts. This ensures that the applications and ideas submitted are objectively and competently evaluated. In each phase, the selection process is carried out based on objective considerations.

4. Realization of the Winning Idea

The intention is to implement the winning idea with Deutsche Telekom Group platforms and investments, either wholly or in such parts as seem likely to promise commercial success. If required, the winner consents to his development work being subjected to detailed market, concept and/or product tests to the extent that Deutsche Telekom Group deems appropriate.

The innovators, individuals, teams and young start-ups, can benefit in numerous ways: from the attention of experts, to presenting to a high-profile jury and – if things go well – to the possibility of your project being selected as the one to win implementation resources amounting to a maximum of 500,000 Euro and a concluding partnership with Deutsche Telekom Group, in a form to be defined in negotiations between Deutsche Telekom Group and the innovator (e.g. strategic partnership, joint investment, acquisition, revenue sharing).

5. Reservations made by Deutsche Telekom Group

Any grants or assistance promised or the prospect thereof held out by Deutsche Telekom Group in connection with the contest are subject to legal provisions, especially to provisions of a regulatory, contest or public procurement law nature, and may be subject to authorities’ approval. Deutsche Telekom Group also reserves the right to limit or abandon the contest if in its opinion the contest’s aims can either not be achieved or can only be achieved inadequately. Even in this case entrants will not be entitled to a refund of expenses incurred in connection with their entry.

6. Intellectual Property, Rights of Use

Deutsche Telekom Group reserves all rights to information supplied to contest entrants, including the right to file intellectual property rights (patent, petty patent and trademark rights). Entrant’s intellectual property rights apply only within the scope of initial individual documents supplied in taking part in the contest.

Any additional amendments of the ideas, concepts, materials, that involve activity of Deutsche Telekom Group and/or its employees shall constitute an intellectual property right for Deutsche Telekom Group. If applicable, entrants shall agree to their ideas and project results undergoing a concept test involving a test audience or comparable tests.

Entrants who have reached the finals shall have the opportunity to reach a partnership agreement with Deutsche Telekom Group, regulating the intellectual property rights in detail. Insofar as Deutsche Telekom Group is interested in doing so, the details will be settled by the terms and conditions of a partnership cooperation agreement between the Entrants and Deutsche Telekom Group.

By participating in the Contest each entrant warrants that she/he has the authority as sole owner of her/his idea and that her/his idea, materials and information do not infringe any intellectual or other property right of any other persons, companies or other entities, including any patent.

The rights of use of the findings of market, concept and/or product tests and comparable findings that Deutsche Telekom Group comes by within the scope of the contest in analyzing entries on the basis of its own activity belong solely to Deutsche Telekom Group and the entrant in question.

7. Data Protection

Only for the purposes of the execution of the competition entrant will provide his name, address, gender, emailadress and telephone number (Personal Data).

The subcontractor EIT ICT Labs Germany GmbH will support Deutsche Telekom AG for administration and evaluation of the submitted material according German law. The Personal Data is stored on a datacenter in Germany; the transmission path will be secured by TLS/SSL-coding.

Your Personal Data will be deleted 6 Months after the announcement of the competition`s winner.


By submitting your idea within this competition you consent, that Deutsche Telekom AG and its subcontractor EIT ICT Labs Germany GmbH will collect, process and store your data according to above mentioned conditions.

8. Confidentiality and Liability

All information that entrants receive from Deutsche Telekom Group in connection with the contest is strictly for contest use. No liability for the information being accurate or complete is accepted.

Entrants shall treat all information received from Deutsche Telekom Group as confidential. They will not make it available to third parties and will use it solely for contest purposes. Third parties are everyone who is not taking part in the entry in question. The confidentiality obligation ends five years after the end of the contest. Non-disclosure agreements may be applied.

In addition, entrants who have reached the finals agree to treat their ideas and project results or partial results as confidential until the end of the contest, to use them solely for contest purposes and to only disclose them to those employees who need to know them for the purpose of this contest. Contest entrants shall ensure that all employees who are considered authorized personnel maintain the confidentiality of ideas as well as project results or partial results for the duration of the contest.

All press releases, public announcements and advertising campaigns or PR work issued or carried out by an entrant in relation to this Announcement or the contest require prior approval by Deutsche Telekom Group.

Participants agree to their being named – after the contest as well as when their project idea is being described – as part of contest and communication measures undertaken by Deutsche Telekom Group as entrants for the Telekom Innovation Contest.

9. Right of publication

By submitting the winner agrees to the possible inclusion of the idea in any media coverage such as press releases or publications at Deutsche Telekom Group’s events. Also winner and finalists agree that their personal data such as their names or pictures, videos, sounds will be used for commercial purposes of Deutsche Telekom Group.

10. Amendments to these Terms and Conditions

Deutsche Telekom Group reserves the right to make reasonable amendments to these Terms and Conditions.

11. Written Form

No oral side agreements have been made. Amendments and additions to these Terms and Conditions shall be valid only if effected in writing. This also applies if the written form requirement is waived.

12. Severability Clause

Should, contrary to expectations, one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions prove to be invalid, whether entirely or in part, unenforceable, or lose their validity or enforceability at a later date, the validity of the remaining part shall not be affected. In this case it shall be considered as agreed that the invalid or unenforceable provision will be replaced by one that comes closest to the sense and spirit and purpose of the original insofar as this is legally possible.

13. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are solely subject to German law. Any disputes arising hereunder shall be resolved before a competent court of law in Germany.

14. Legal Recourse for Selection Decisions

By submitting their applications, entrants have no legal entitlement to a prize. The decisions by Deutsche Telekom Group’s panel and the expert jury are final. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

15. Binding Character

By submitting their application documents, entrants agree to the Terms and Conditions of Entry, which form part of their application.

*All employees of Deutsche Telekom and its subsidiaries may enter the contest under the terms and conditions for internals. These are available on the website and the intranet under

[3Schade dass der Telekom Innovation Lab Chef diese Ansage sitzend macht und nicht stehend. Und das vor einem Fernseher, der den Blick in die Richtung eben dieses Teils von Europa verstellt, den es aus dieser exponierten Position eigentlich anzusprechen gilt.
Vielleicht nur eine Kleinigkeit, so zeigt sie doch auf sinn-optischem Wege exemplarisch auf, was wir hier in Deutschland noch aus den USA und von Israel zu lernen haben: Sich für gewollte Perspektiven nicht nur einzusetzen, sondern auch selber einzustehen, bereit zu sein, sie inszenieren zu wollen: nicht nur durch tolle Grafik, sondern auch unter dem sinnlich erfahrbaren glaubhaften Einsatz der eigenen Persönlichkeit.

 An dieser Stelle wird der Text von 19022 Zeichen mit folgender VG Wort Zählmarke erfasst: