FRA: The well spotted void

VON Dr. Wolf SiegertZUM Freitag Letzte Bearbeitung: 30. November 2011 um 21 Uhr 19 Minuten


On November 29th 2011, for this particular day a client in Cologne spotted on the "DaybyDay" agenda just a void space instead of any notes.

And he understood why: nothing was written up to this moment about this day at the Frankfurt/Main airport, because we had a meeting this day and reconfirmed our ´non disclosure agreement the very morning.

The meeting with this client was the most important and impressive long lasting moment of this day, but nothing will be reported from this meeting to the outside world. [1]

A promise is a promise, an obligation is an obligation.



[1Here just at a glimps:
the writings on the wall of the meeting-room saying:

Es gelten die Regeln des Urheberrechts all rights reserved

water is the principle of all things;
all things are created from water and all things return to water