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In den Nachrichten an die Mitglieder der SPECTRE list for media culture in Deep Europe wurde am 11. Dezember 2010 um 03:25:59 Uhr die folgenden Mail des künstlerischen Leiters der transmediale, Stephen Kovats gepostet.

Dear Spectrites,

As the transmediale.11 *RESPONSE : ABILITY* programme of art works, conferences, talks, screenings, workshops, performances, and events across Berlin crystallizes take advantage of the Early Bird Festival Passes! A discount of 15% for transmediale.11 Festival Passes as well as for the combination passes (Kombi-Pass) for transmediale.11 and CTM.11 (club transmediale) is available by booking online until the extended deadline of December 20th. You can order your Early Bird Passes at:

In the first week of February, Berlin’s House of World Cultures (HKW) will play host to transmediale.11 RESPONSE:ABILITY! Presenting a dynamic programme of cutting edge artworks, breathtaking live performances and leading thinkers from around the world transmediale.11 addresses the ways in which our digital culture is radically redefining our physical presence and the ways in which we interact as interdependent global communities. By looking at the emergent forms of bio-political, economic and affective dimensions of a society increasingly manifesting itself live and online transmediale.11 reaches beyond the Web 2.0 era, examining the Internet in terms of the abilities and potentials available to its users, not only to participate but to actively shape it as contemporary society’s central zone of inquiry, creative and cultural development - while pushing the need to defend it from restrictive political and legal intervention. Particularly now, as we become faced with the mounting post-WikiLeak scenarios of irrational net restrictions and the threats of self-censorship, asserting that the ’problem’ is not the net, but (in this case) the notoriously irresponsible handling of data and personal communications by governments and numerous proprietary interests becomes more urgent than ever.

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Of the transmediale.11 programme of ca. 150 events and projects some of the major thematic nodes and highlights include ...

transmediale’s *Open Zone*, curated by Ela Kagel and manifested through open studios, challenging workshops and temporary project offices run by leading artists and international experts from the open technology and critical art fields such as Ursula Endlicher, Kelly Sutton, Heath Bunting, Mushon Zer-Aviv, Elizabeth Stark, Peter Sunde, Les Liens Invisibles and Berlin’s Open Design City probes and expands our abilities to respond to the volatility and constant flux of digital life.

Helping along the way will be Angel_F, the digitally conceived spyware entity born through the technological-sensual relationship between Biodoll and Derrick de Kerckhove. The opening festival gala on Feb 01 will feature a special festival introduction by Derrick de Kerckhove and the German premiere of acclaimed performance artist Herman Kolgen’s new work *DUST*!

Joining the *BODY:RESPONSE* conference curated by Markus Huber renowned digital media activists and researchers including BIFO / Franco Berardi, Maurizio Lazzarato, Tim Etchells, Carolyn Guertin, Jens Hauser, Tapio Mäkelä, Verena Kuni, Roberto Esposito, Judith Revel, Eric Kluitenberg, Adrian Heathfield, Franca Formenti and Mark Hansen will be leading a debate into the impact of the hybrid, simultaneous and transformative status of digital liveness on the concepts of identity and physical autonomy within the world of social media and the emergent psycho-political power configurations of the ’born-digital’ era. In a special evening performative lecture, Vilem Flusser Theory Award nominee Jordan Crandall will present his politically charged urban surveillance, and augmented locationing technologies research project *EVENT, AGENCY, AND PROGRAM*.

Acting as a conceptual connector between the conference and transmediale’s zones of open activity will be the *HacKaWay*, the festival’s arena where the notions of complex technological and societal systems are critically de- and re-constructed to reveal new and alternative realities. Using the mechanisms of hactivist and tactical art practice the HacKaWay Zone brings process based and performative artworks together in a space activated by hands-on and interactive audience participation. Join in daily to HacKaWay’s evolving scenario of artworks, workshops and performances by research and social process oriented artists including Paul Vanouse, ubermorgen. com, Christin Lahr, Garnet Hertz and Jussi Parikka, Daito Manabe, Herwig Weiser, Ei Wada, Karl-Heinz Jeron and the HONF collective from Indonesia.

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*SyncExistence* features eleven film and video programmes curated by Marcel Schwierin comprising 58 historical and contemporary moving image works from 18 countries. This year’s main focus is a reflection on the vital ways in which 20th century cinema – through its editing techniques and new visual culture – contributed to promoting the sense of growing simultaneity, ubiquity and acceleration which the Internet has since increased exponentially. Additional highlights include a focus on the first live television broadcasts, specials on Lynn Hershman Leeson, a leading pioneer of interactive live media art, Ho Tzu Nyen, the transmediale Award Nominee from Singapore, and the second edition of the ArabShorts project.

This year’s performance programme *LIVE:RESPONSE* curated by Sandra Naumann hovers at the interface between the real world and the media sphere, between liveness and reproduction, between virtual and physical. At three locations, in the majestic House of World Cultures Auditorium, on the Café Stage and at the HacKaWay zone performers including Fair Use, Rosa Menkman, Tina Tonagel, Preslav Literary School, Eosin, Dorothy of the Day and Tour de Vinyl will test and weave experimental arrangements throughout the festival programme. Featured are two special ’double-header’ performance concert nights, on Wed. Feb 02 with Cécile Babiole & Vincent Goudard’s *DONJON* and People Like Us with *Genre Collage*, and on Fri Feb 04 Herman Kolgen’s *INJECT* and Daito Manabe’s *Face Visualizer* piece will square off.

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Special featured projects including the premiere of Alessandro Ludovico and Paolo Cirio’s newest social media interventionist art work, *Serendipitor* walks by Mark Shepard, and CoS, the Consciousness of Streams project by Italian activist collective FakePress augment the programme. In celebration of the centennial of Canadian media philosopher Marshall McLuhan’ birth transmediale.11 will launch both the ’McLuhan in Europe 2011’ network initiative and release the never before published McLuhan *COUNTERBLAST* manifesto from 1954, as a special transmediale edition in collaboration with the Gingko Press. Partner events including the Marshall McLuhan Lecture 2011 on Feb 02 featuring Mozilla Executive Director Mark Surman and a special exhibition of web-based open sources art works curated by games designer and artist Heather Kelley at the Canadian Embassy Berlin, a solo show by ubermorgen. com at the DAM Berlin Gallery, the Flusser Philosophical Friday at the UdK Berlin’s Flusser Archive, and a special ’sonic discourse’ at the CHB (Collegium Hungaricum Berlin) by Edwin van der Heide and Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag form part of an extensive program of over 20 Satellite events across Berlin.

As a special annual highlight the winners of the transmediale.11 award competitions will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Sat Feb 5, 2011: outstanding and critical artworks with the transmediale Award, exemplary media research works with the Vilém Flusser Theory Award, and radically innovative projects defining and developing the open net with the new Open Web Award. Help choose the Open Web Award winner among the three nominees *THIMBL* by the Telekommunists, *booki* by FLOSS Manuals and *GML* by Evan Roth by voting and leaving feedback right up until the festival on the Drumbeat platform at:

With #LIVE, our main event partner for adventurous sound and related visual arts, CTM / club transmediale will also be presenting a major thematically linked programme of talks, concerts, performances and a major collaborative piece, Naut Humon’s *Recombinant Media Lab*! On the weekend prior to the festival (28 – 30 of January), transmediale, CTM and Create Berlin along with over 70 Berlin partners invite you to the Digital Art & Sound Weekend. This first edition of *DAS Weekend* draws attention to the many artists, spaces and initiatives active in Berlin with great commitment and exciting ideas to promote artistic work and discourse in the converging zones between digital arts, experimental music and sound art.

For more information please consult, and follow the development of the program, watch for workshop and participatory project calls and tell your friends by following us on twitter (transmediale or tag #tm11) and even facebook!

We thank our supporters, and look forward to welcoming you at transmediale.11 in the first week of February 2011!


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Stephen Kovats

artistic director

transmediale.11 | 1 - 6 feb 2011
festival for art and digital culture berlin - #tm11

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