Games Summit 08

VON Dr. Wolf SiegertZUM Freitag Letzte Bearbeitung: 15. Januar 2015 um 21 Uhr 53 Minuten


Da die für diesen Tag avisierte Teilnahme nicht möglich sein wird, sei hier zumindest auf das Programm dieser Veranstaltung hingewiesen werden:

10.00 – 10.10h

Welcome/Introduction: What Are We Doing Today
 Presented by: Fred Hasson (chair EGDF / executive director RedBedlam)

10.10 – 10.40h

The Gaming Industry and its Importance to Modern Economies
 Presented by: Patricia Ceysens (Flemish Minister of Economy, Enterprise, Science, Innovation and Foreign Trade)

10.40 – 11.25h

Economic Perspective: the Gaming Industry and its Evolution into a Major Audiovisual Sector
 Presented by: Screen Digest (UK)

The computer and video games industry is now a global $40 billion sector with massive potential to grow. It challenges traditional entertainment, value chains and economies. Europe is a current leader in production, but its business model in itself is challenged by low cost economies and state assistance in a growing number of potential competitors.

The 20 minute presentation by Screen Digest is followed by a panel discussion with a European
publisher (Ubisoft or Eidos) and a European online game distributor
(Games Forge)

11.25 – 12.15h

From Concept to Completion: How a Game is Made
 Presented by: Alexander and Hector Fernandez (head of Streamline Studios)

This session provides an overview regarding how a concept comes from idea into full product with an overview of each critical steps, the people involved and the finish products they create. Attendees will leave with a full grasp of what it takes to make a modern video game as well as the creative indviduals, business realities and international paradigms. (This session will be filled with audio visual cues and things to see and hear)

13.15 – 14.00h

Are games Cultural?
 Presented by: Guillaume de Fondaumière (CEO of Quantic Dreams and creator of Heavy Rain)

This session looks at a key European studio involved at the cutting edge of new, more narrative lead games content. Games design structures do not conform to those of more traditional media (such as theatre, film and TV), but does this mean that they are not cultural?
Delegates get a sneak preview of Heavy Rain, the game developed by Quantic Dream for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

14.00 – 14.45h

Beyond Commercial Condiserations – Games and Social Applications
 Discussion by: Pam Kato, Bas Bogaert, Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen

Games technology and know-how are increasingly being used to solve problems and create applications outside traditional entertainment.
Panel discussion with Pam Kato (producer of Re-Mission, a game to help cancer patients), Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen (psychologist and CEO of Serious Games Interactive) and Bas Bogaert (game engineer in architecture). These three practitioners in ‘Serious Games’ talk about the work they are doing using games technology and know-how to create socially and educationally useful content.

15.15- 15.45h

Keeping Europe Competitive – two case studies
 Presented by: Erik Robertson (Nordic Game Programme) & Paul Zeeuwts (president of IWT)

Europe is committed to open markets and ‘free competition’, but a growing number of countries outside the EU are subsidising their industries (including the US, Canada, Korea and Singapore). What can EU members do and what are they doing?
The session looks at two case studies: one in Flanders and the other in Scandinavia.

15.45 – 16.45h

Panel session to revue major themes of the day
 Discussion by: Malte Behrmann, Jean Menu, Bernie Stampfer, Ian Kelso, Klaus Hansen and Aviva Silver

The panel will revue and draw conclusions from the day’s discussions: Are games understood? What is at stake? What is being done? What regulatory and fiscal support measures are appropriate?
Panel and Q&A with delegates

The session will end with some closing remarks from Malte Behrmann (DG of the EGDF) and Aviva Silver (EU DG).

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