IFA Convention

VON Dr. Wolf SiegertZUM Freitag Letzte Bearbeitung: 31. August 2007 um 12 Uhr 10 Minuten


Nach den seit Mitte Juli 2007 vorliegenden Informationen, wird die "IFA Convention - Common Life Technologies" nur an diesem einen Tag stattfinden [1]

Veranstalter wird die FINANCIAL TIMES DEUTSCHLAND sein und das Thema wird lauten:

"IPTV. Wachstumspotenziale des deutschen Unterhaltungsmarkts

Der Stand der Rednerliste am Tag der Veranstaltung ist der folgenden:

11.30-11.45 Welcome and opening remarks
 Matthias Lambrecht, Editor IT/Media,
Financial Times Deutschland

Changes to the media landscape caused by IPTV

11.45-13.15 Uhr Podium discussion consumer as channel boss. Is broadcasting a dying model?

Statement 1 IPTV and broadcasting. Coexistence rather than squeezing out
 Dr. Marcus Englert,
Member of the Board,
Pro Sieben Sat1 Media

Statement 2 IPTV will improve broadcasting
 Beat Knecht,
President and CEO,

Statement 3 I want my MTV! What young viewers expect in the future
 Catharine Mühlemann,
MTV Germany

Statement 4 TV new old strengths of TV: Editorial management, actuality and quality
 Fritz Raff,
ARD German Television

Statement 5 More than cable. Strategic responses to IPTV
 Klaus Thiemann,
Kabel Baden-Württemberg

 Arndt Ohler,
Financial Times Deutschland

The IPTV business model

14.00-14.30 Presentation TV anytime, anywhere. A new dimension of IPTV
- Matteo Berlucchi,

14.30-15.30 Podium discussion Interactive, bespoke and lucrative? IPTV visions and potential

Statement 1 King Size Entertainment - The impact of flatscreens and IPTV on our Digital Lifestyle
 Frank Bolten,
Chairman Germany/Austria,
Sharp Electronics

Statement 2 Television as an interactive shopping portal
 Dr. Konrad Hilbers,
Home Shopping Europe

Statement 3 Alice Home TV - One-shop TV and telecommunications
 Harald Rösch,

Statement 4 Entertainment IT is the next growth market
 Dietmar Rohlf,
Director Consumer & Telco Business Germany,
Intel Germany

Statement 5 IPTV will multiply advertising impact
 Dr. Michael Trautmann,

 Matthias Lambrecht,
Editor IT/Media,
Financial Times Deutschland

User Acceptance and Future Prospects

16.00-16.30 Presentation Glittering prospects for IPTV
 Mathias Birkel,

16.30-17.00 Presentation Couch-Potatoes as media managers? What do users expect from Internet TV?
 Michael Schipperges,
Sinus Sociovision


[1In einer Erklärung in eigener Sache schreibt der Mitveranstalter Computec Media über die IFA Convention Common Life Technologies :

Change to the Programme of the 2007 IFA Convention:
The topics Platforms & Standards and The Changing Consumer
have been deleted from the programme.
The FTD IFA Convention - IPTV Conference will take place, as planned.

The topics Platforms & Standards and The Changing Consumer which were announced to take place from the evening of August 31st to midday on September 2nd are deleted from the programme without replacement. The Conference FTD IFA Convention - IPTV Conference will however take place on August 31st.

After long and intensive discussions and deliberations, Computec Media AG as the organiser of the conference sees no alternative to its decision to hold the IFA Convention in a somewhat reduced form this year. This decision - which is difficult both for ourselves and our partners - is necessary primarily for economic reasons. We were unfortunately unable to find open-minded companies which would have been suitable as sponsors.

The additional barrier of a highly-subsidised event parallel to ours organised by the media institution Berlin Brandenburg, with which we as a private company quoted on the stock exchange cannot and will not compete, provided the final impetus for this decision.

 An dieser Stelle wird der Text von 4020 Zeichen mit folgender VG Wort Zählmarke erfasst: