Crazy: Dual-Boot Intel Mac

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Ist im Intel-Apple der MS-Wurm drin? Die Nachricht, das auf den neuen MAC-Rechnern auch das Windows-Betriebssystem zum Einsatz kommen kann, ist eben so techno-logisch wie un-vorstellbar.

Hier die aktuellen Stimmen einiger US-Zeitgenossen.

HELL froze over this week as Apple Computer unveiled Boot Camp, a free program that will allow its new Macintosh computers with Intel microprocessors to run Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system as an alternative to Apple’s OS X. The news media were agog and Apple’s stock price zoomed at the announcement. In my view, it was mildly interesting, but hardly the revolution Apple users want to see.

Many Mac enthusiasts view Boot Camp as a huge coup for Apple that will eventually take the computer hardware leadership away from Dell and the software leadership away from Microsoft. The more skeptical warn that Boot Camp shows the final mastery of the Apple platform by Microsoft. Both positions are absurd.

Robert X. Cringely, "anchor" im PBS Online-Program "NerdTV" in The New York Times vom 8. April 2006.

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Apple is now officially "unofficially" supporting dual booting with Windows. This may create some pretty serious implications for our industry.

I know this sounds crazy and I normally wouldn’t post something like this unless I thought it had merit. Before I get blasted (I’m just waiting on the Mac fans to go ballistic) I am hoping that people will read what I have to say and consider that this is only a blog, it’s not the gospel. I am simply throwing out a theory that seems plausible.

Rahul Sood in DailyTECH vom 7. April 3:44 PM.

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I am experiencing the computer equivalent of an out-of-body experience. In front of me is Apple’s sleek new MacBook Pro laptop computer. And on the screen is a familiar sight in an unfamiliar setting: the rolling green hill and the blue sky spotted with clouds (and dotted with icons) that is the unmistakable Windows XP desktop. It’s like Pepsi in a Coke bottle, DeLay as a Democrat, Johnny Damon in a Yankee uniform (oops, forget that last one). Though it had previously been possible to run Windows on a Macintosh via pokey simulation software, this time Windows runs "native" (i.e., directly, just like with Dell and the rest) on the Intel chips that Apple has been switching to this year. Depending on how I start it up, this MacBook can retain the identity of a Mac running the Tiger OS, or become a Windows box in Mac clothing. It’s making me dizzy.

Steven Levy in Newsweek am 8. April 2006 Updated: 11:59 p.m.

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