VON Dr. Wolf SiegertZUM Dienstag Letzte Bearbeitung: 29. April 2006 um 05 Uhr 32 Minuten


Ursprünglich war beabsichtigt, an dieser Stelle die hier ausgewählten Veranstaltungsinweise durch aktuelle Eintragungen über die Vorträge zu ergänzen. Aber die Rechnung war ohne den Wirt gemacht worden.

Im Gegensatz zum letzten Jahr gab es weder die Möglichkeit, ein Aufzeichnung der Sessions durchzuführen oder zu erwerben, noch ein finanziell vertretbares Angebot für die Bereitstellung eines WiFi-Zone-Zugangs in den Konferenzräumen.

Hätte man man diesen Dienst für die gesamte Zeit der Konferenz und bei Rechnungsstellung in Anspruch nehmen wollen, dann wäre dies nur zu einem Preis von 595.- Dollar möglich gewesen, zuzüglich 100,- Dollar, wenn man diesen Dienst nicht vorab bestellt hat.

In diesem Fall war sowohl fernmündlich als auch schriftlich an den Betreiber Smart City eine Anfrage gerichtet worden mit der Bitte, ein Angebot zuzusenden. Eine entsprechendes Angebot auf diese Anfrage hat es bis zum Eintreffen vor Ort allerdings nicht gegeben.

So bleibt es bei der Wiedergabe einiger Szene-Fotos. Auf Wunsch können weitere bereitgestellt werden.

Eine mündliche Zusammenfassung wird es am 6. Mai ab 18 Uhr auf "Radio Eins", einem Programm des RBB, geben [1].

The FCC Chairman’s Breakfast

Sponsored By AG Edwards

7:30AM - 8:45AM

For this annual breakfast, NAB - David Rehr
NAB President & CEO - has invited FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin to talk about the big picture, his regulatory agenda, and the future of government interaction in our industry.

MoTV: Mobile Video & TV Forum

In Partnership with iHollywood Forum


Breakfast and Product Showcase


Welcome and Introduction by Michael Stroud


Mobile Video: Opportunities and Obstables

Mobile video and TV broadcasting to mobile phones has generated a huge buzz. Now the challenge is to create a market and make money. What business models work? What types, quality and length of content will consumers demand? We examine the landscape.

Feature Presentation: Mobile DTV Alliance


Michael Stroud, Co-Founder, iHollywood Forum


Daniel Scalisi, Vice President, New Media Services, WNI Network;

Alain Fernando-Santana, Chief Marketing Officer, Envivio Inc.;

Bob Zitter, Executive Vice President and CTO, HBO;

Robin Chan, Associate Director, Entertainment Programming, Verizon

Mike Katz, Director, Video Products, NMS Communications;

David Brooks, Vice President, Systems and Architecture, Snell & Wilcox


Case Study - Mobile Content Processor

David Brooks, Vice President, Systems and Architecture, Snell & Wilcox



Salil Dalvi, Vice President, Wireless Platforms, NBC Mobile


Networking Break and Product Showcase


Mobile TV Standards of Service, Service of Standards
In the past 12 months, mobile TV has become a key application that mobile operators need to deploy to attract new subscribers, or simply retain their existing base. While the business models and killer applications for mobile video are still being researched, mobile operators and broadcasters face a wide variety of mobile video distribution standards, devices, and applications that deeply affect how those services are deployed. this session presents an analysis of how 3GPP, DVB-h and DMB-T are being deployed, their pros and cons, and their impact on how and what services can be offered.

Julien Signes, President, Envivio, Inc.


The Race to Broadcast TV to Mobile Phones

Some of the wireless industry’s biggest names are competing to deliver television to mobile phones: Nokia is promoting a standard called DVBH; QUALCOMM has a technology called MediaFLO; Samsung is championing a satellite-delivered service called DMB; Verizon has its Vcast broadband wireless video-over-IP service; and other carriers are following with their own high-speed mobile video services. What do broadcasters need to know about entering this lucrative market?


Michael Stroud, Co-Founder, iHollywood Forum


Ian Blaine, Chief Executive Officer, thePlatform;

Omar Javaid, Senior Director, Business Development, QUALCOMM MediaFLO;

Ian Trow, Vice President, Technology, Envivio Inc.;

Yoram Solomon, President, MDTV and Strategic Marketing and Industry Relations, Mobile Connectivity Solutions, Texas Instruments;

Bruce Gersh, Senior Vice President, Business Development, ABC Entertainment;

Bob Shallow, Head of Music and Rich Media Business Unit, North America, Nokia

Anne Sweeney , president of Disney-ABC Television Group and co-chair of Disney Media Networks, will deliver the keynote address at the TV Masters Luncheon co-produced by NAB and Broadcasting & Cable magazine Tuesday, April 25 at NAB2006 in Las Vegas.

The TV Masters Luncheon, co-sponsored by U.S. Digital Television and W Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, will focus on how media companies are monetizing new distribution platforms, including digital, mobile, broadcast and the Web.

Sweeney’s address will be followed by a panel discussion focusing on how content providers and distribution outlets are driving new business. The luncheon panel will feature
 Larry Kramer, president, CBS Digital Media;
 Ric Harris, executive vice president/general manager, digital media and strategic marketing, NBC Universal Television Stations;
 Terry Mackin, executive vice president, Hearst-Argyle Television and head of Hearst-Argyle’s digital media;
 Susana Schuler, vice president of news, Raycom Media; and
 Bill Hague, vice president, Frank N. Magid Associates.

"This luncheon will provide an informative look at the many opportunities available to content providers who embrace technology," said Broadcasting & Cable Publisher Chuck Bolkcom. "Whether it’s streaming content on the web or delivering programming to handheld devices, broadcasters and other media companies are re-inventing their business models."

"With every new gadget lies a new opportunity and with every new program stream lies a potential new revenue stream," said NAB President and CEO David K. Rehr. "Last year, broadcast television delivered the top 255 most watched programs. With that kind of appeal, it’s no wonder why Internet, telephony and mobile video companies are seeking partnerships with broadcasters. We look forward to hearing the insights of all of these high-profile industry leaders."



Bernard Gershon, Senior Vice President/General Manager, ABC News Digital Media Group



Killer Content

Video content on mobile phones ranges from mobile murder dramas inspired by Fox’s hit "24" TV show to news clips and sports. European consumers are posting mobile video blogs and U.S. consumers will follow shortly. Who’s got the killer content, how is it produced, and how is it being monetized?

Feature Presentation: Nine Systems


Julie Ask, Research Director and Senior Analyst, Jupiter Research


Joey Carson, Chief Executive Officer, Bunim/Murray Productions;

Roger Jackson, Vice President, Content and Programming,;

Troy Snyder, CEO and President, Nine Systems;

Ted Cohen, Senior Vice President, Digital Development, EMI Music;

Bob Schukai, Vice President, Wireless and Broadband Technologies, TBS, Inc.


SMS, Games, Visual Radio, Mobile Radio and
Other Ancillary Revenue Opportunities for Broadcasters

TV networks, TV stations and radio stations are now monetizing their content and building their brands using existing technologies such as SMS text messaging, wallpapers, ringtones, quizzes and games. Visual radio — graphical information synched with radio broadcasts — will also emerge over the next 12 months as a big opportunity for radio stations.


Laura Behrens, Senior Analyst, Media Industry Research, Gartner


Roger Cameron-Wood, Executive Vice President, Marketing, AirMedia;

Izzy Abbass, President, North America, U-Turn Mobile Media Group;

Fred Kitson, Vice President, North America, Motorola Labs


VOD vs. Real Time: Two Mobile Paradigms

Mirroring the Internet and cable, mobile is developing its own on-demand and real time paradigms. We explore the comparative benefits and disadvantages of each — including all you can eat vs. by-the-packet plans, video quality and consumer acceptance.


Sue Marek, Executive Director, Wireless Week


Jon Hambidge, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, IPWireless;

Phil McKinney, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Personal Systems Group, Hewlett Packard;

John Puterbaugh, Chief Executive Officer, Nellymoser;

Dough Lowther, Vice President, Marketing, Irdeto;

Scott Crowder, Chief Operating Officer, Entriq


Mobile Video Marketing for Entertainment Brands

Hollywood has a huge opportunity to market to the estimated 20 million Americans expected to subscribe to a mobile video service by 2007. Already, carriers are delivering daily video clips from “The Tonight Show" and “The Daily Show” and trailers from films like "King Kong" and "Harry Potter". We’ll look at recent mobile marketing campaigns, with a special focus on how mobile video complements studios’ other marketing efforts and how much you should expect to spend.


Steve Kovsky, Digital TV Analyst, Current Analysis

Presenter(s): Richard Bennett, Chief Executive Officer, SmartVideo;

Phillip Alvelda, Chief Executive Officer, MobiTV;

Olivier Gers, Executive Vice President, Licensing Worldwide, Americas, FremantleMedia

Tom Ellsworth, Chief Strategy Officer, GoTV


Networking Reception and Product Showcase

5:30 - 7:00pm

National Association of Broadcasters

Press Appreciation Reception [2]


7:00 - 10:00pm

Digital Cinema Society

Third annual member appreciation celebration.

TUSCANY Hotel and Casino [Tel: 877 887 2263]