Preview: 3. VR-Conference "for Journalism & Documentary"

VON Dr. Wolf SiegertZUM Freitag Letzte Bearbeitung: 7. September 2017 um 18 Uhr 15 Minuten


Anbei das vorläufige Programm der Konferenz (Stand 07. 09. 2017) als Text-Version. Online lässt sich das Ganze auch - samt Links - HIER abrufen.

MORNING: SPEAKERS confirmed so far

1. Linda Rath-Wiggins (CEO, Vragments) – Words of welcome

2. Zillah Watson (Journalist, BBC) – VR research & development

– Zillah is the author of Reuters Institute Report on VR for News. She offers insights into what lies ahead for VR in the newsroom.

3. Charles Ayats (Independent UX designer) – ‚Carte Blanche‘

– Charles takes the audience on a journey to discover VR examples from the worlds of animation, art, design and fiction, curated with 100% editorial freedom.

4. Florian Conrad (Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences HTW) – Digging up history with spatial audio

– Working with spatial audio in VR has the potential to guide users through the story in a genuinely immersive way. Conrad uses Stasi interrogations: Manipulated confessions as a case study.

5. Daniel Sproll (CXO, – On photogrammetry for storytelling

– Daniel is combining photogrammetry & non-linear storytelling to create photorealistic and interactive factual VR. And he’s bringing a surprise in his suitcase.

Afternoon: Demonstrations and Workshop

1.VR BLN Meetup: Introduction to and overview of the Berlin VR community by Alex Grobe and Philip Hausmeier.

2. Station 1: Showcasing Stasi VR (Deutschlandfunk)

3. Station 2: Showcasing We Wait (BBC)

4. Station 3: Showcasing work by NowHere Media

5. Station 4: Demonstration of Matterport 3D Camera by Mesh Images

6. Station 5: Showcasing photogrammetric virtual reality by

7. A-Frame workshop (2 hrs): VR and the Web, curated by Netzdoku network

– Zoe Schubert & Jan Wieners will show you how to make journalistic and documentary WebVR, mainly using A-Frame. After watching best practices, it will be your turn. Bring a laptop and smartphone, if possible.

8. Rapid prototyping in VR (2 hrs): VR storytelling

– Stephan Gensch will show you how to prototype a VR story easily and fast by using Fader. We will turn sketches into immersive stories. Let’s create a virtual tour.

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