Design Thinking & Idea Development (HM022) VI

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This is the last day of HM022, reserved for all those who will present their ideas / proposals / projects / ...

Here is today’s schedule as agreed on so far (Friday, 16th 14:00 h.):


Breakfast | Technical set-up | Evaluation-Forms


Introduction and presentation of invited guests


PR: The Raven Projekt

This is a digital experience for art lovers. Through our platform, we invite artists to collaborate in the framework of one concept. We create an immaterial space where design, sound, movement do mutually intertwine. We propose you to discover our conceptual universe made of several short movies. Curated by our passion for performance, Raven Projekt innovates, inspires, federates.

Come to begin the experience on Instagram.


SG: The Electric Byke

This presentation is for those who have already heard about electric bikes but who have doubts about it.

That’s why in this presentation there will be new features that will allow every Zero driver to become part of a community, giving them not only the possibility of enhance their experience in a new and unique way, but also the chance of interact with each other and the ambient around them, discovering new places and get to know more people with their same passion.

With the new and more precise data gathered by the app the company will also greatly implement both the customer care service and the bike performances while offering an innovative, more technological way of experience to all the Motorbike community.

Having a Zero will not mean only possessing a top-notch electric motorcycle, but it will be a new way of riding.



Die aktuelle Situation des Wohnungsmarktes ist angespannt.
Das Thema wird von Politik und Medien aufgegriffen. Aber hast du das Vertrauen, dass sich wirklich etwas ändern wird?
Dass die nächste Wohnungssuche dich weniger verzweifeln lassen wird?
Oder bleibt das Gefühl, das Vermieter und Wohnungsbaugesellschaften ihr Spiel weitertreiben, und Wohnen dadurch zu einem Luxusgut wird?
Wir wollen gemeinsam mit euch Transparenz schaffen!
Einen Weg beschreiten, der Druck ausübt auf Politik und Vermieter....

This text will be replaced by an English version a.s.a.p.


YQ: Inherited Creative Products


AM.H: How to be helpful by using social media?


L.TD: A Bag for Brasil. Supl.: Zen Lais


YY: Espace Libre


BA.S: Economy, Privacy and Trust on Blockchain


WA: t.b.a.

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